Three Adorable facts you need to know about Mini golden doodle

Golden Retriever Poodle Mixes are also known as Golden doodles. They have gained popularity in recent years. The friendly and outgoing personalities, Golden doodles, and adorable curly hair of Golden Retrievers make the dog. Golden doodles are listed number two on the most popular hybrid dog list!

To help you get to know these Golden doodles puppies, we have put together a list of five adorable and informative facts. Read on to find out about Mini Golden doodles!

Mini Golden Doodles Give Lots of Love

Mini Golden doodle loves everyone and everything, mostly they admire humans! If you have a new baby mini golden aussiedoodle will gently and attentively watch over her. Lots of friends come to your place, the Mini Golden doodle puppies thrive on attention, and they’ll be so happy with the extra love. Mini Golden doodle is also okay with sharing the spotlight with other animals.

Mini Golden doodles are Super Smart

Golden Retrievers and poodles are both known for their intelligence and keenness to learn. So, the Mini Golden doodle gets double the smarts and can be easily trained. Most puppies do best with positive and reward-based training methods. Instead of strictness when being caught doing wrong you can redirect them, and when doing something right.

Mini Golden doodles come with a Heavy Price Tag

Any time a large breed is mixed with a smaller breed, artificial insemination, and a Cesarean section is performed for puppies. But this drives up the cost for miniature breeds. The growing popularity and demand for goldendoodle dogs for sale have also increased the price. You can expect to cost from $1,500 to more than $3,500 for this fluffy teddy pup!

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