Three Types of Backlinks You Should Avoid Explaining Gaurav Heera

Gaurav HeeraExplaining Three Types of Backlinks You Should Avoid

In the rush to build more and more backlinks, many SEOs end up adding bad links to their backlinks portfolio. As Google’s algorithm has evolved, it has started disregarding the number of backlinks a website has. The quality of those backlinks, matched with their relevance, is of much greater importance says Gaurav Heera.

However, the message has not seeped down to the extent it should have. Bad link building practices continue to flourish. Many websites suffer a lot in search rankings because they have a whole set of irrelevant backlinks.

In digital marketing, change is the only constant. While relentless link building worked ten years back when PageRank was the top qualifying criteria, it is no longer sustainable anymore. Search engines value websites that have quality backlinks and not random websites lacking context and relevance says Gaurav Heera.

If you are running a website on shoes and get a backlink from a fitness website recommending your shoes, that is a relevant backlink. However, if you are getting a backlink from a blog on K-12 education, the connection doesn’t make any sense and is deemed irrelevant. 

In digital marketing institutes, the need to have a balanced approach to link building and off-page SEO is given a lot of credence. In this article, we discuss three types of backlinks SEOs should avoid making says Gaurav Heera.

Forum Backlinks

Not all forum backlinks are bad. If you are a member of a forum and have been an established contributor to a community, and the forum is relevant to your website, you can use it create backlinks provided it is not done in a spammy way says Gaurav Heera.

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The problem with forum backlinks is that SEOs target irrelevant forums to add their website link without being active members if the community. In doing so, they reduce the quality of the backlink in the eyes of the search engine.

When building backlinks from forums, make sure that the forum is relevant to the niche of the website and you are a contributor to the forum. A classic example is Reddit. If you are an active member of a subreddit (and have a high karma score) and promote your website on the sub sometimes, the backlink you’re getting will be considered. However, if you’re parachuting into a subreddit and spamming your website link everywhere, your backlink will be disregarded and even be counterproductive to your website’s search ranking says Gaurav Heera.

Automated Link Building Tools

Tools like Scrape Box and XRunner were very popular a few years back. Now, not so much.

Tools like these are known for creating a lot of backlinks automatically. Over the years, Google has become smart and has started de-ranking websites that use such tools to gain more backlinks says Gaurav Heera.

PR Submissions

PR submissions lost their appeal because Google began seeing them as link schemes. In the early days of SEO, websites would write a press release and submit it on syndication networks which would publish it across hundreds of different websites. Backlinks were created by the click of a button.

Now, PR submissions do not have as much value. The best way to do it now is to use a branded anchor text to link the website and only add one link to the press release. Otherwise, Google might think it’s part of a link scheme says Gaurav Heera.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three types of backlinks SEOs should avoid making

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