Tips for Bathroom Remodeling Projects

When starting bathroom remodeling projects, many homeowners assume they will be cheap simply because the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in most homes. However, these projects often become complicated, which increases the costs involved. Proper planning is the best way to stick to a budget while achieving an aesthetic goal. Here, homeowners will learn where to splurge and when to save on a bathroom remodel.

Spend to Build Stronger Bones

If it’s feasible to invest in only one area, experts recommend focusing on the room’s structural elements. Plumbing fixtures should be from well-known, properly reviewed brands. While plumbing isn’t the splashiest thing to spend on, investing in improved plumbing can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Once you’ve invested in quality plumbing, a frameless shower door will make a smaller bathroom feel more open. Of all the expenses associated with shower remodeling, the door is one of the most significant. With these investments, any homeowner can get their bathroom remodeling project off to a great start. Visit a Bathroom Showroom Near Me to get ideas and inspiration.

Splurge on Tile

Bathroom tile is one of the most noticeable elements of a bathroom’s design, so it’s an important investment. If you’re only tiling part of the room and finishing the rest with paint or wallpaper, consider buying a higher-end material like marble. Natural materials tend to stay in style longer than synthetic products, so you’ll get more value for every dollar spent.

Buy Quality Cabinets

Another area to invest in is high-quality cabinetry. It’s the foundation of a functional bathroom, and when it is well-finished, the cabinetry will make the entire room look more stylish.

Save on Fixtures

Homeowners don’t have to overspend on faucets, toilets, and other fixtures when today’s products look appealing and modern right out of their packaging. When you’re working on a tight budget, don’t splurge too much on fixtures. Going for something in the middle of the range should be just fine.

Economize on Accessories

Bathroom accessories are another area where it’s better to save than to spend. It’s possible to find deals on cabinet hardware, tissue holders, towel racks, and other finishing touches. While accessories can make a significant visual impact, you don’t have to overspend to get the right look.

Get a Clean Look While Saving Money

When building a bathroom from the ground up, homeowners can save a lot of money by doing some things themselves. With a new bathroom, costs add up quickly, but there are ways to save. Buy quality fixtures at lower prices, and consider using paintable tiles instead of natural stone. By going for simplicity and durability, you’ll be on the right side of the line between false economy and savings – and that’s a great place to be.

Renovating a bathroom is an exciting process, but it can also be an expensive one. When homeowners know where to spend and when to save, they’ll end up with the results they want at a price they can afford.