Tips for Choosing the Right Dress Shirt for You

At its most basic, a shirt is a piece of cloth wrapped around the body to protect it. But over time, this simple garment has evolved into many different types of clothes made to be worn by men and women. They can range from form-fitting shirts that can only show off your body shape and have no sleeves to shirts with arms and full sleeves.

They can also come in various colors like red, white, yellow, blue, purple, and different patterns such as stripes or polka dots. There are also casual button-downs that usually don’t have any collars and will be more comfortable than dress shirts because they aren’t so stiff.

Tips How To Wear Dress Shirts For Men

Dress shirts for men are most commonly worn as part of a gentleman’s suit. The dress shirt is taken off and worn under a sports coat or blazer for some. It can also be worn with slacks or trousers for an artistic flair.

You can wear dress shirts in many ways and occasions, whether you are attending a fancy event, work, school, or simply running errands. However, if you decide to wear your dress shirt with slacks or trousers, it is essential to wear it properly not to appear sloppy.

Which Color To Choose For A Good Shirt

The survey results conducted on some of the websites have been mentioned below. Results were taken from over 2000 people surveyed before and after July 8th, 2017. The survey gathered data on the colors of dress shirts that people preferred and how they felt wearing them in various situations such as casual or formal.

The conductors of the survey also asked about preference for specific colors over others and how much we liked to wear them overall. Thus through the following survey results, it is straightforward for people which color will be best to wear or buy from online markets and websites.





What Material To Choose For Your Dress Shirt?

Overall, those surveyed felt that the most comfortable way to wear their dress shirts was to wear them casually. This was followed closely by wearing them in a formal situation. Not many felt that wearing a dress shirt in white, or having one made from linen, were very comfortable.

Most also felt that for day-to-day use, you would be better off with a linen shirt than a cotton one overall. Slightly more people answered “fiercely disagree” when asked if they felt that wearing their dress shirts frequently was comfortable. Finally, around half thought, you should go with the flower option and wear what is available when you have a suit.

According to some research and studies on the topic, professionals have given many suggestions on this topic. Firstly, some people said to only include cotton, whereas others said to have polyester also included.

However, through some recent discussions and studies, it is now clear for people to choose which type of dress shirt. It should be made of 70% cotton along with 20% polyester and some percentages of wool and linen also included in it.