Tips for Learning Business English

Would you like to work abroad or would you like to get a position in an international company with offices in France? In this case, proficiency in business English may be one of the prerequisites for the coveted position. However, although you can learn to practice English for everyday communication, this does not mean that you have enough skills to practice business English. Professional English uses specific vocabulary and terms specific to the industry you are applying for. For this reason, discover with us these tips to help you learn business English quickly by bsb50120 diploma of business.

Why learning business English can be interesting?

You have probably already noticed the omnipresence of the English language even in your professional life. Today more than ever, knowing professional English can help you improve your CV, get positions with higher responsibilities, in international companies .

As with practicing French, in the context of work, you will not be able to use the same terms and expressions that are used at home, or exchange them with friends. As a result, becoming proficient in professional English may require additional work on your part, mainly in relation to vocabulary specific to the world of work, if you already have satisfactory English language skills.

6 Tips to Learn Business English Fast

Are you determined to improve your professional English skills? If you don’t know where to start or where to learn business English , follow the leader.

Get help from an English teacher

First of all, you may need to take English lessons, which will help you improve your level of Shakespeare. These courses can be aimed at learning professional English if you ask your teacher. Therefore, for courses tailored to your needs, it can be interesting to choose private lessons that will help you progress quickly without losing sight of the goals of this training, thanks to 100% personalized lessons. To save time, consider private lessons available online that you can attend via webcam!

Watch video TED talks on the sector you are interested in

Do you know TED Talks ? These are international conferences that can be found on the website of the same name and even attended live. They can be found in large numbers in English in all types of subjects, including those related to work, innovation, design, or economics. Depending on the sector you want to work in, it might be interesting to watch and listen to some of these conferences in English, which should help you build up your vocabulary.

Read economic or work articles

You can also improve your knowledge of professional English through reading, especially when it comes to economic articles or publications in the English press or specialized American. Also, don’t forget to follow your favorite brands and companies on networks like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn . You will find business-oriented content in English that should help you improve your vocabulary while reading at any time of the day.

Expand your vocabulary with business English words.

Aside from these vocabulary enrichment tips, nothing beats the traditional method of memorizing a list of terms. Each week, set a goal to learn the words and try to learn and remember them by including them in sentences to make sure you learn their meaning and usage. Thanks to this memorization, you will very quickly be able to enrich your vocabulary with many technical vocabulary words in English. You can also mark unknown words from your readings or listening sessions so you can take the time to memorize them later.

Find interesting podcasts available for free

In addition to listening to TED talks, you will also find many podcasts that can help you develop your business English skills. Most of these podcasts are available for free, so you can listen to them anytime, on long trips in your spare time, to train your ear for specific lexical terms without requiring long hours of repetition. If possible, choose podcasts that are relevant to your area of ​​interest and created by native English speakers for a flawless English accent.

Conducting seminars or internships abroad

What better way to improve your business English than a trip abroad? Even if emigrating is not one of your options, there may be professional seminars abroad that you can attend. As a rule, even if these seminars are not held in an English-speaking country, English remains the first language used in the case of seminars with an international focus. If you are interested, also consider internships abroad ! Before looking for a job, this is a very good way to discover the industry while working on your English.