Tips to Deal with Technology Addiction

How much time do you spend time on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp when you commute from work to home and vice-versa? Have you ever used your Smartphone in a restaurant when your kids are with you? It is not surprising that you are sitting with your family and your entire concentration is on your mobile phone.

Technology addiction is not a novel concept. A large number of people are excessively using technology nowadays. You often do not realise that the over the use of technological gadgets is taking a toll on your overall health. If you are addicted to technology, it is quite complicated to get rid of it. This blog discusses some of the practical ways to de-addictify technology.

Understand the fact that technology causes addiction

In times gone by, technology was used to provide a solution to current problems. Most of the products aim to increase productivity. Still, the goal is no longer to increase productivity or solve current issues when it comes to consumer technology—for instance, the gaming world. There are a lot of games you can play on your Smartphone without needing a person. This is when it becomes addictive.

All you need to do is to install an app. When you are at a loose end, you start playing games. It is crucial to realise that if you keep using your mobile phones this way, you will become addicted to technology. It is not just about games. Many people keep surfing the internet when they are being bored. This is also one of the reasons for being addicted to technology.

Deactivate mobile data

Once you understand the fact that you are a slave to technology, you should immediately take specific steps. First off, you should deactivate your mobile data. Your mobile phone will no longer be a smartphone as you deactivate mobile data. This is because most of the apps require the internet to run. You can also avoid unnecessary surfing with it.

Some smartphones have features of switching between personal mode and office mode. This can also reduce your dependency on the smartphone. If gaming apps are killing most of your time, you should uninstall all gaming apps.

Stop being idle

If you want to get over your technology addiction, you should kill your idle moments. When you are at a loose end, you become tempted to check your mobile phone for notifications, surfing and playing games. You do not need to bore yourself in your idle time.

Instead of grabbing your mobile phone, you should brainstorm what you can do in your idle time. Think about some productive ideas. When you reach for your mobile phone when you are idle, you should think about some productive work you can do.

Keep tabs on your usage

It can be challenging to get rid of technology at the outset – after all, you have already become addicted. Various apps can help you track the number of times you checked your mobile phone. Use technology to stay away from technology.

An ideal way to stay away from technology is to keep your mobile phone off. Set a time table that defines a particular amount of time you will spend on your mobile phone. Make sure that you do not go beyond the set schedule. Following such a time table will help you fight against your addiction.

Avoid using phone during bed

Nighttime is the worst time of using your mobile phones or other technological gadgets. Studies have revealed that many people are insomniac due to excessive mobile screen interaction when they are in bed. It is taking a toll on their overall health. You should switch off all devices half an hour before you go to bed.

If you are not comfortable with switching your mobile phone, you should put all notifications on silent mode because when it receives a notification, the screen light will be put to life, and you will be tempted to see what it is.

Notifications increase your dopamine receptors. You will be tempted to see the notification every time you get it. If you turn off notifications, you will less likely be interacting with your mobile phone, especially during sleeping hours. You can also leave your mobile phone in the other room, so it does not disturb you.

If you want to fight off technology addiction, you will have to be determined to do it. Find some productive ways to spend your day. Using technology when it is essential is not a bad idea, but using it when you are idle is what is causing addiction.

Kill your idle time by doing something productive. Stop using your mobile phone at the time of sleeping. Put all notifications off, so it does not disturb you when you are trying to sleep.

Many people have become insomniac and use funding sources like credit card bills and very bad credit loans with no guarantor to meet their medical bills. If you do not want to end up paying such massive bills, you should start dealing with technology addiction.  

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