Recruitment agency China is a competitive, ever-evolving industry, and you need be at the top of your game every step of the way. Being a recruiter means being pulled in multiple directions all at once, and still moving forward with a process.  Not only must you find great candidates, you need to screen them, schedule interviews, follow up, coordinate new hires, and everything in-between.

Incorporating new trends and tools into your process allows you to stay current. It creates a great impression of your company, helps you excel in your position, and most importantly, allows you to spend more time connecting with qualified candidates. So, today we are sharing top tips to get your recruiting game into shape.

Shorten your recruiting process

If your application and interviews are inconvenient and time consuming – shorten it up by combining a couple of recruiting steps. If you have an application form, in-person paperwork, and an online assessment, meld the 3 elements together into one package, and have candidates sign and send it back using a document signing software.

Take a look at your process with a critical eye and cut out the unnecessary parts. People are generally looking for work now, not in 4 months time. You are losing interested candidates to a long process when competitors can offer them another position in half the time. Up your recruiting game by simplifying it.

Start with a pre-screen

Before you interview a great candidate, take the time to do a 5-10 minute pre-screen with them. Go over the high-level needs of your job and make sure they are a fit before taking both your time on a full-length interview. While pre-screens take extra time, they can shorten your list of 10 potential candidates down to 4 great candidates. Now you are only meeting with applicants that are the best match for your role. Make pre-screens a critical part of your recruitment game.

Change up your interview types

Successful interviews pave the way for successful job placements. If your current recruiting efforts aren’t working, it may be time to shake up how you conduct your job interviews. Instead of doing telephone interviews, try doing video interviews. Try panel interviews instead of case interviews. Stop playing it safe, mix up your same tired interview format and elevate your recruiting game.

Focus on your follow up

Respect the time and effort your candidates put into preparing and attending interviews. Let all candidates know what next steps look like before they even leave an interview. If you are delayed in making a hiring decision, follow up to let your candidates know what happened and when they will hear from you. And when you finally make your selection, thank all the candidates that applied, and let them know you’ve hired someone else.

This may be time-consuming task, but it’s an easy way to ensure that your company has a great reputation in the marketplace. Remember, you never know when a previously interviewed candidate may be a perfect fit for a new role. Don’t burn your candidate bridges right after you’ve built them.

Update and streamline your technology

Using 5 different systems that don’t integrate, is incredibly time consuming and frustrating. Having the right technology in place can help your recruiting game and minimise manual tasks that are holding you back. Your current system could be causing you to miss out on excellent candidates already in your pipeline. If you are using excel spreadsheets to manage recruitment for multiple departments, its time to upgrade your software.

Retain your best employees instead of recruiting

You should take retention as seriously as you take your recruiting efforts. Employee turnover is a major problem, but there are ways to avoid it, and build a stronger more cohesive team. The absence of a good employee is felt both financially and culturally.

There is nothing you can do to force a great employee to stay, but you can do everything in your power to prevent them from thinking about leaving in the first place. Ramp up your retention so you don’t have to ramp up your recruiting game.

Get assistance from an expert and up your recruiting game

You don’t have to do this on your own; remember to leverage your external resources. Energy Resourcing has the expertise you need. As recruiters, we work with our clients to find specialised employees in a wide variety of industries. Not only do we understand what these roles entail, but also what the market looks like. Let’s work together to make sure that all your needs are met in your next hire.