Tips to Make Your Commercial Interior More Productive

Can the interior of your commercial space impact the productivity of your workforce? Absolutely. No matter how talented your employees are, an inspiring workplace provides a boost. Comfortable employees are happy employees, and happy employees are more productive. Comfort in, productivity out – it’s a simple formula. 

Here are seven ways you can make your commercial space more productive:

Reduce the Clutter

Organized spaces are better for thinking and working. Your commercial interior design needs to have clutter control in mind. Work with your designer to make sure essentials are close to hand, and that non-essentials are within reach without adding visual or physical clutter. 

Add Greenery

Plants generate a calming atmosphere and are known to be mood boosters. You don’t have to create green walls or bring in giant trees, but plants and the fresh air they bring look great and enhance the environment. 

Add Color

Many commercial interiors can be bland and monotone. Color creates positive vibes and can really pick up the mood of the space. 

Add Common Areas

Most commercial interiors need common areas for employees to gather. These can be anything from break rooms to conference rooms to other spaces where colleagues can meet to exchange ideas. Collaboration is great for your organization, and well-designed common areas can facilitate the exchange of ideas. 

Light Things Up

Natural light is best, of course, but not always possible. Dimly lit spaces with little natural light can feel stifling. While some commercial spaces are void of natural light just because of the nature of the space and the work, there are many things commercial designers can do to simulate natural light and make the space feel warm and vibrant. 

Listen to the Noise

Noisy work environments can be distracting and make it difficult for folk to concentrate and do their best work. A good commercial design takes noise into consideration when planning spaces. 

Organize Your People

Possibly one of the most critical things you can do with design to influence productivity is to be thoughtful about how you organize your people. How does your staff need to be organized? Again, collaboration and productivity are key, so consider both when creating office and desk assignments. Does the team want an open work area where they can freely talk all day, or do they prefer private cubicles with comfortable open work areas for gathering? Talk to your team and watch your team develop the best strategy. 

The Bottom Line

Work with a skilled designer and a commercial interior products supplier to plan and create a space that works for all your workers.