Tips to repair your leather car seats

One of the important staples of a car is leather interiors. There is nothing warmer and suppler than a leather seat. Yet most people ignore learning about leather seats. They allow the seat to crack or look gloomy and aged. However, if you wish to make your investment look great and want your leather seats to stay for a long time with you, then check out the tips.

Tips to prevent tears and cracks

To retain the look and value of your high-quality leather seats, you need to take care of a few things. It is suggested to maintain the factory craftsmanship than to hope to get it repaired now and then.

  • Clean and condition the leather seats

To keep the seats, supple and cozy, you should clean and condition them often. Make sure you give it a cleaning every month and deep cleaning every three months. Choose a good quality leather conditioner for cars rather than general leather care products.

A car leather seat cleaning solution is made with a wider number of considerations such as temperature, humidity, UV rays and type of actions that the seat experiences daily.

  • Do not bring sharp objects near

If you don’t want to be a threat to your leather seats and jeopardize them, do not bring heavy and sharp things near them. People often fail to realize the subtleness of leather and how easily it can tear with pressure. The car seat is not made of thick hide like saddles. It is a thin coating that is used to cover your seats.

  • Protect it from direct sunlight

Always park your car out of direct sunlight. The UV radiation harms the paint of your car and damages the leather seats, too, wiping outs its color and luster. So, park your car in the garage or shady areas.

Tips to repair leather seats Edmonton

Sometimes you may have to go for leather repair Edmonton. You need to find a leather repair kit for your upholstery. Then wash the area with warm water. Use a microfiber cloth to clean that part.

Once it gets dry, the cracked leather will present a bonding surface to allow the liquid leather to stick. Put the liquid leather in the crack and let it dry. Make use of a sponge to wipe the excess liquid leather.

After the first layer is dry, continue applying the other layers. Smooth out the coat. In the last step, add a diluted layer on the seat to mix the repair. The dilution can be done with 30% water. After the repair is dried, use a leather conditioner to give it a suppler and more appealing look. It makes the seat more malleable to bear the stress.

Though leather repair Edmonton can make the damage less noticeable, it is always suggested to let a professional perform it for you. Most car owners do not know to apply liquid leather and repair their seats. If you have little money and don’t want to make an issue out of it, then get it repaired by the professionals.