Top 10 States with Low Property Taxes in 2021

Low Property Taxes in 2021

Property tax is the tax payable by property owners. Moreover, entities for property taxes in 2021 include individuals or legal entities, for example, corporations or other businesses. Some states will enjoy low property taxes in 2021.  Furthermore, the local government calculates the quantity of tax payable according to the location of the property. Therefore, property tax is an annual tax payable to the local government by a real estate property owner. Commonly, the tax amount is computable on the property’s estimated market value, which includes the land on which it is constructed.

The Assessment of Property Tax

Property tax is computable using the value of the property. Moreover, the value is evaluated based on the type of property, its structure, and the built land. For example, an unoccupied plot of the land tax rate is low compared to its neighbour, which has an identical field of land with a house and guest cottage. Furthermore, every country has a different formula for its tax calculation, but two common factors include the property’s assessed value and the percentage tax rate.

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Who Sets Home Value

The entities that decide home values in every state are tax assessors. Moreover, these entities are commonly government agents who value your property. Furthermore, they will look at other comparable properties in your market and collate recent sales prices to establish your property’s value. Therefore, the setting of home value includes unique formulas, and as you might imagine, this consists of an ample amount of complicated math.

You can anticipate your tax bill to go up if you attach any value to your home by making a pool or building a second story. Furthermore, many states provide an appeal process so that there is some alternative recourse if an individual feels like property value assessments are unfair or unreasonable.

Property taxes are necessary as they are utilized to fund government services crucial for the public interest and welfare. Therefore, each state examines property taxes in one form or another. However, the happy news is that some states have a much lower property tax rate than other states in 2021.

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10 States with Low Property Taxes in 2021

The top 10 states with low property taxes in 2021 are listed below. If you are an owner of a property, then you’re well aware of the hassle of having had to pay property taxes each year. However, if you are an owner of a property in one of the states from the list below, this annual expenditure is less of a burden. Moreover, If you’re thinking about purchasing real estate, investors shall contemplate investing in real estate in one of the following states, even if you don’t plan to live there.

1.      Hawaii

  • Property tax rate:  0.28%
  • Median home price:  $702,288

2.      Alabama

  • Property tax rate:  0.41%
  • Median home price: $165,334

3.      Colorado

  • Property tax rate: 0.51%
  • Median home price: $345,000

4.      Louisiana

  • Property tax rate: 0.55%
  • Median home price $183,101

5.      Wyoming

  • Effective property tax rate: 0.55%
  • Median home value: $256,427

6. District of Columbia

  • Property tax rate 0.56%
  • Median home price $687,778

7.      Pakistan

  • Property Tax Rate: 2.5%
  • Median Home Price: $75,000

8.      Delaware

  • Property Tax Rate: 0.57%
  • Median Home Price: $394,553

9.      West Virginia

  • Property tax rate: 0.58%
  • Median home price $351,659

10.  Arkansas

  • Property Tax Rate: 0.64%
  • Median Home Price: $305,391


The article above reveals the 10 states with the lowest property taxes in 2021. Furthermore, Hawaii presently holds the top position with the lowest property tax at 0.28%. Moreover, the list indicates how the property taxes substantially differ from state to state according to the geographic significance, tourism and various other factors. Therefore, the property tax rate influences an individual’s investment decision whether they are a property owner or a real estate investor. Furthermore, if you’ve been pondering how to locate the amount your local government requires you to pay in property taxes, visit the county’s assessor website. Moreover, few even provide handy calculators; thus, the property tax bill isn’t a complete surprise when the tax season arrives.

Furthermore, property tax is an inescapable cost that comes along with owning a real estate property. Therefore, an individual shall avoid states that charge pointlessly high taxes to succeed as a real estate investor. Additionally, besides locating states with low property tax, discover how to check the property tax history before investing.