Top 4 Ways to Convert GIF to Mp4 Video File

No matter whatever the reason behind converting GIF (static or animated) files to video Mp4 (MPEG-4), an online GIF to MP4 converter is the ultimate option to proceed with. Well, come to the point, here we are going to reveal a few different ways that let you change GIF to video MP4 file without any quality distortion.

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GIF files are widely used everywhere around the digital mediums, from social media posts to messengers and even from WhatsApp messages to tweets. However, not every platform is compatible with GIF files, this is where you need to convert them into standard or regular format like Mp4 videos. Thus, the legitimate source of offers a free GIF to MP4 converter that lets you convert one or more GIFs into MP4 videos while preserving the original content.

If you are seeking instant and quality GIF (animated or static) files to MP4 (MPEG-4) highly quality conversions, then this online GIF to MP4 converter is for you. This platform not only helps you to export gif as mp4 videos but also provides you with wide arrays of file formats for conversions. The upside is that this is a free and open-source website for which you don’t require to install any additional program, works on all operating systems and devices. Let’s take a look at how readily this GIF file to MP4 converter turns GIF into MP4 video file.

  • Input the GIF file URL – or just simply drag and drop the GIF file into the toolbox section of this converter
  • Once the file is uploaded, start with quality conversion by pressing the convert button
  • Save gif as mp4 online by pressing the given download button

Also, you can now commence with batch GIF files to MP4 videos by using this handy GIF to MP4 converter.

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AVC is a short form of Any Video Converter, it is referred to as the stunning choice if you want to continue with a free GIF to MP4 converter. This converter lets you convert any GIF videos to MP4 quality files online irrespective of the video hosting site still keeping the quality high. Moreover, it is loaded with a built-in DVD compatible with different smart devices, just like the FFMPEG software. If you want to learn how to convert GIF to MP4 with this online converter, then take a look at the below-mentioned couple of steps:

  • At first, you need to make a click on the “Add Video (s)” section to upload single or multiple GIF files into this GIF file to MP4 converter
  • Now, from the top drop-down menu, you need to choose the output format, which is an MP4
  • When the uploading process is done, it’s time to hit the “Convert Now” icon to commence with the quality conversions. Once this selection process is completed, you can be able to download the converted MP4 files

It is referred to as the simplest and free version of GIF to MP4 converter to transform GIF files into Mp4’s and even no watermarks on the converted files. Moreover, it assists you to reduce the file size, even it entirely minimizes both the uploading and downloading time for the files.

Besides GIF to MP4 video conversions, it lets you rotate, crop, reverse, and even optimize your video files. So, no matter whether it is just GIF to video conversion or slight edits, this converter works best for you. Most simple steps involved for converting animated GIF to MP4, let’s find how:

  • Upload a GIF file from your computer or even you can simply paste the GIF file URL in the given section
  • Now, make a click on the Convert to Mp4 option
  • Once the uploading process is completed, this GIF to Mp4 converter will entirely process the particular file and turn it into Mp4 file format
  • Decide your desired folder and save gif as an mp4 file by clicking the download option


This is the best source that lets you convert different image formats to Mp4 videos while keeping the quality high. All you need to make a couple of clicks on this GIF to MP4 converter and let it do the remaining changing from GIF to video MP4 online. Even you can easily change the quality, file size, and image resolution within no time.

Besides that, this platform supports innumerable file formats such as presentations, documents, ebooks, spreadsheets, and certainly more. Let’s take a look at how to save GIF as MP4 online by using this converter for GIF to MP4:

  • Once you reached, then seek for the GIF to MP4 converter right now
  • Now, just make a hit on the Select files option to swiftly choose the GIF files to begin the conversion process
  • Then, you can easily set resolution, CRF, preset, Profile, FPS, and so much according to your preference
  • Then, just simply hit the Convert option to start the process
  • Once processed and converted, download your converted file to save GIF as video