Top 5 Anxiety Relieving Marijuana Strains

Gone are the days when marijuana was associated with bad behavior and regarded as something purely evil. Thanks to research, it is clear that marijuana can help, especially in mental health. As a result, people turn to marijuana as an alternative treatment for various mental health issues like anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. 

Almost everyone experiences anxiety at one point or the other in their life. It is a normal response meant to keep humans alive and prepare them for fight or flight. However, anxiety can sometimes get to excess, affecting the quality of life. This calls for a reliable and effective way to manage anxiety. 

Anxiety exists in many forms like chronic anxiety, panic attack, and social anxiety disorder. However, whatever the form, medical marijuana can help.

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The issue, however, is knowing the right strain that can help relieve anxiety. Marijuana has various strains, all with a unique profile and effect on users. As a result, one needs to understand how a particular strain will react and help manage anxiety. 

This article will shed light on various marijuana strains – Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains that can help relieve anxiety. Here are five reliable strains users should consider trying to alleviate anxiety:

  1. Jack Attack Strain

While the Jack Attack strains are not typically linked to anxiety relief, there are indications that the plant can improve endorphins in users. This, without a doubt, can go a long way to relieving anxiety. The strain is a blend of Indica and Sativa properties suitable for various users. It can positively affect emotions, which helps handle anxiety and stress. 

Users need not worry about paranoia when consuming the strain. You can take it in many ways. It is possible to use a bong or try DMT cartridge for fast and easy absorption of this cannabis. 

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  1. Northern Light Marijuana Strain

Many people have used Northern light for pain, insomnia, and anxiety worldwide. It is a hybrid strain with a high Indica tendency – the profile is 10% Sativa and 90% Indica. Users will experience a pleasant high with the strain, which will trigger relaxation of body muscles. It is suitable for paranoia as it can slow down whatever racing thoughts fuel anxiety. 

With a high THC content of 22%, the strain helps address psychiatric issues. Users will love the wood and pine-needle scent that will calm the nerves and help address various psychological problems. 

  1. OG Kush 

This is another helpful strain that can calm the nerves, ultimately providing relief from stress and anxiety. The euphoric feeling from the strain can help users relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Some users also report relief from headaches and migraine after using the OG Kush strain. 

You are bound to love the earthy, woody taste with its unique aroma and pine touch, which all work on your olfactory nerves to bring relaxation. 

OG Kush has a moderate THC level and will reward users with a relaxing high to lift them from their worries. You get a cozy feeling like the experience of lying on your couch with a thick blanket covering you. 

This strain will lift your spirit, transforming you out of any anxious state. OG Kush will lift your mood and can make you happy after consumption. 

  1. Amnesia Haze

This is one of the potent medical marijuana strains that users can engage in for a series of positive mental and physical effects. The strain is Sativa dominant and stands out for its incredible energetic effects. Many people love its excellent THC concentration, responsible for its psychoactive effects. Many also use it to provide relief from anxiety. 

Amnesia haze comes from three strains – Cambodia Sativa, Afghani Indica, and Jamaican Landrace. With 20% THC concentration, users will enjoy an intense high. You can enjoy the strain a couple of hours before bed as it will not interfere with your ability to wind down. 

Many users have reported a unique citrus fragrance thanks to the limonene content of the strain. The fragrance, just like in aromatherapy, also works to calm the nerves and improve the mood. 

  1. AC/DC strain 

With AC/DC strain, you can also override anxiety. The strain is extremely high in CBD, with a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. As a result, the CBD overrides the psychoactive effect of THC. This is one of the few marijuana strains with no psychoactive effect. 

AC/DC strain can help reduce anxiety, pain, and the negative effect of chemotherapy. The high CBD content is responsible for various therapeutic effects. Thanks to the rich CBD content, it has attracted users from almost all walks of life.

With this strain, you can go about your daily activity without experiencing any alteration in feeling or mood. In contrast, the strain can help you take the edge off to handle anxiety and various pressures that come with day-to-day activities well. 

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There is more to marijuana than getting high. Thanks to research and science, humans now have access to hundreds of marijuana strains that can trigger many positive effects in users. For effective relief from anxiety, this article has explored five potent marijuana strains that can calm your nerves and assist you in going about your day without worry.