Top 5 Interior Design Trends That Will Rule the Roost in 2022

With each year comes new trends that grip the interior design world. While some interior styles are timeless, there are also modern trends that make homes shine. If you’re looking to spruce up your home or just love interior design, check out the top five interior design trends set to rule in 2022. 

1. Textiles 

Interior design trends have been following ways to add more texture to the home and 2022 is no exception. This year we’ll be seeing more ways to add texture through textiles in interior designs. These include textile weavings, intricate carpets or throw pillows, and blankets that add some flair to your living space. Opposing textiles will be paired together to create intrigue as well. 

Interior design will also be using textiles as a starting point. Building spaces around decorative rugs that can be neutral colors, but add texture and intrigue to the whole space. you can prefer Glass Partitions that make your home interior more attractive. Using textiles as decoration can also be a way to add a pop of color to a space in addition to interesting textures. 

2. Dual-Purpose Rooms

Living in a pandemic has made the home the most flexible it has ever been. Many people have decided to permanently stay remote, even with offices opening up again.

Now that we use the home not just for living but for business and other activities, 2022 will see a rise in dual-purpose rooms. Think anything from a dual-purpose office and living room space. Fitting an at-home gym into a guest room. Or even re-utilizing storage spaces for new hobbies or work storage. Some even create dedicated backgrounds that look clean and professional for their zoom calls.

Everyone is trying to figure out how to take turn their bedrooms into flexible spaces. You’ll still want to have all of the essentials of a bedroom even if you want it to be a dual-space. And if you need more ideas on bedroom essentials you can use helpful guides to lead you. 

While many were using dual-rooms throughout the pandemic, more and more people will turn to creating permanent multi-use spaces throughout the home. 

3. Bold Colors and Objects 

Make way for bold colors in 2022. We are even seeing a 70s-era revival in interior design this year. From the groovy colors to pieces of furniture that flow. 2022 is the year to leave the drab colors behind and indulge in something more bright and extravagant. 

Sculpture style accent pieces are going to be in as well this year. Be ready to see intricate and interesting coffee tables and side tables. These are the types of pieces that will help you express your personal style. Don’t shy away and try to have fun when deciding on a gorgeous accent piece for your home. 

4.  Sustainable and Vintage 

A juxtaposition to funky furniture and pops of color is the trend of vintage and sustainable decor. It’s no longer fashionable to go with poorly made trendy items that you’ll throw away after a year or two. Whether you want to fight climate change and consumerism or just want a piece that will last in your home. Using vintage pieces that are well made to last, or investing in sustainable pieces is on-trend for 2022. 

Investing in vintage or sustainable doesn’t mean the pieces have to be boring either. You can try upcycling your vintage and adding bold colors and patterns or keeping them simple for a more timeless look. 

5. Natural Elements 

Plants have always been a great way to spruce up a space, but 2022 sees the rise in bringing natural elements further into the home. Natural elements won’t stop at plants though. With spending more time inside, people want to bring the outdoors into their homes. 

We will be seeing more natural elements like marble, stoneware, and natural woods incorporated into the interior design trends of 2022. These elements will also be present in the art and decor that people are choosing.

Instead of lots of random decor objects, many will be more thoughtful with their decor and use pieces that serve a purpose. Think clay candles and large crystal accents. There will also be a return to natural materials and warmer tones in interior spaces so people can bring the earth into their spaces. 


The past couple of years has seen more people using their spaces than ever. 2022 interior design trends are not only projected from this fact but embracing it. From natural elements to bold pops of color and an increased interest in sustainability, these 2022 interior design trends take the cake.