Top 7 End of lease cleaning tasks to get the deposit back

Living in a rental property comes with so many responsibilities for the tenants. Tenants have to pay rent on time, maintain and secure the property with end of lease cleaning. The most important responsibility of a tenant is maintaining and cleaning the property.

At the start of the tenancy, tenants have to pay a security deposit to the owner. The security deposit is called a damage deposit. If anything happens to the rented property, tenants will not be able to get the security deposit back.

The security deposit mainly depends on the cleaning and maintenance of the rental property. It is the responsibility of the tenant to deeply clean the property before leaving. With the end of lease cleaning Perth service, tenants can get their deposit money back.

What is End of lease cleaning?

It is the process of deep cleaning the rental property at the end of the tenancy. It is the responsibility of the tenant to return the property in the same condition as it was given by the owner.

End of lease cleaning in Perth includes all deep cleaning processes of the property and its maintenance. Many people hire professional end of lease cleaning services to prepare the property for the final inspection.

Why the end of lease cleaning in Perth is necessary?

The tenants submit the security deposit to the property owner or agency manager. After the end of the lease term, the security money is released to the tenant. If the tenant does not ensure the cleanliness of the property, the owner does not release the security deposit.

End of lease cleaning in Perth is reasonably necessary to claim the security deposit back at the end of the lease. When the tenants leave the rental property first time, they get confused about the process of cleaning and which tasks to carry out.

As the security money depends on it, many people hire high-quality professional services. Rented commercial properties need special care. End of lease cleaning of commercial property requires high-quality results, especially if the property needs a lot of cleaning.

Residential apartments don’t need high-quality cleaning services. You can do it with domestic cleaners’ help. If you do not want to hire domestic cleaners in Perth, you can do it by yourself. You need to know some important tasks of end of lease cleaning.

The necessary task to perform at the end of lease cleaning Perth

Here is a list of some important tasks that are necessary for the end of lease cleaning in Perth.

1. Inspect the property at the begging

When you move into the rental property, inspect the property completely. Take some pictures. You need to inspect every corner of the property like walls, windows, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

If you find an area or anything damaged, take pictures for proof. So, you can show the proof to the property owner. A tenant is not responsible for any damage that happened before.

When you inspect the property at the beginning, it will be easier for you to give it back in the same condition. In this way, you will be able to get your security deposit back from the property owner.

2. Get professional assistance

Professional assistance is necessary if you want to do end of lease cleaning by yourself.

Professional cleaners recommend the cleaning checklist before you start to end of lease cleaning. If you follow the standard checklist for the end of lease cleaning, you will be able to clean every nook and cranny of the property.

Even professional domestic cleaners in Perth follow the standard checklist for the end of lease cleaning. It is a good recommendation to take assistance from professional cleaners. The advantage of a checklist is, you will be aware of how much cleaning has been done.

3. Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is the hub of the house. This is the most usable place. The kitchen should be cleaned properly. Deep cleaning of the kitchen requires much effort and time. The tenants need to pay extra focus to kitchen cleaning because it accumulates grease, grim, and much more.

  • Clean the cabinets and storage areas
  • Sanitise sinks and drains
  • Clean the stove and oven
  • Do some small fixtures
  • Clean the slabs and countertops
  • Organise every accessory systematically

4. Bathroom cleaning

This is the most important place of the rented property on which the owner pays extra attention. This area is used a lot so it requires more cleaning techniques.

You should be more focused on cleaning the bathroom. Use bathroom cleaning detergents recommended by professionals. Use chemical-free detergents to avoid staining.

Here is a list of things you should pay attention to while you do bathroom cleaning:

  • The walls should be cleaned properly, from top to bottom, in every corner.
  • Clean the bathtub, toilet, sink and taps.
  • Sanitise the drains.
  • Wash the mirror and shower glass
  • Clean the drawers and storage areas.
  • Wash and mop the bathroom floor

5. Fixtures and fittings

Small fixtures and fittings are the most important tasks of the end of lease cleaning in Perth. You should pay attention to the lights, broken light switches, fix the ceiling fans, shelves, cupboards and, etc.

If you leave the rental property without fitting dysfunctionalities, you will not be able to get your security money back. You must pay close attention to the small fitting at end of the lease.

6. Clean the windows and small open areas

Clean the windows and open areas properly. Use chemical-free window cleaning products for extra sparkle shiny windows. Cleaned windows will make the homeowner happy. The property owner will be impressed.

7. Vacuum the carpets and furniture

Carpets and furniture are the highlighted accessories of the rental property. Vacuum the rugs, carpets and all the other furniture.


End of lease cleaning in Perth is necessary to get the security deposit back. You can book professional services or can do it yourself- it’s your choice! The tasks mentioned above are necessary to do if you want a squeaky clean apartment. These tasks are helpful before beginning a new life.