Top 7 Weight Loss Tips

Obesity leads to many diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, depression, sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis, and even cancers. There are a lot of misconceptions about weight loss. Several fitness trainers and supplement brands claim weight loss within a few days, but it is not true. Weight loss is a journey requiring months, even its maintenance requires lifetime adaptations.

You may have heard about the weight loss plans of many celebrities. Like a lot of people do intermittent fasting for weight Loss following Grace Kinstler weight loss plan. However, it is not always necessary if you follow a diet plan it will work for you. You have to keep yourself motivated and consistent.

Here are the top 7 weight loss tips you can follow

1.  Get a goal

By using body mass index (BMI) you will find out are you really overweight and how much you need to shed? Afterward, you will set an initial weight goal. To save yourself from frustration, set short-term goals. Like if you need to lose 20 kg first make a goal of losing 7 kg. If you will keep your expectations low you will work with dedication for weight loss.

Weight loss is a long journey and requires consistency. Set a goal of losing Half to 1 kg of weight a week. If you will starve yourself and lose weight fast then you will gain it back more quickly.

2.  Meal prepping

Following a diet plan is not the only thing you have in your life. As students, working people, or homemakers our lives are full of responsibilities. In such a stressful life we often don’t have enough time to plan and cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the very moment. Therefore, to keep things easy, plan your meals for the whole week. It will be helpful in shopping, grocery, calculating calorie intake, preparing a healthy balanced diet, and if you pre-plan your meals you can save time and energy.

3.  Practice portion control

Portion control is necessary no matter how healthy you eat. Half of your plate should consist of vegetables, a quarter should have carbs, and a quarter should contain protein in it. To control portions you can use a smaller plate and eat slowly.

4.  Look for healthy alternates

There are some foods to which we are addicted and we cannot leave them. Therefore, you can find alternatives to them. If you have a sweet tooth you can avoid sugar by adding plant-based sweeteners. You can use whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice. By using healthy alternatives you can satisfy your craving and it will stop you from bunging frequent cheat meals.

5.  Cut down carbs

Just like the American actor Jorge Garcia, you can cut down carbs from your diet to speed up your weight loss. Obesity is most commonly caused by high carb intake. We don’t realise every day how many extra carbs we are taking in the form of bread, rice, potatoes, pasta,  sodas, juices, and alcohol. Your plates should not have more than a quarter of carbs.

6.  Move your body

Increasing your physical activity speeds up weight loss, helps in maintenance, and prevents multiple health problems.

7.  Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking two glasses of water before every meal helps in reducing weight more quickly. People often confuse thirst with hunger. During thirst, we end up eating more food which activates weight gain. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated and drink at least 10 glasses of water each day. Keeping yourself hydrated keeps you full and you will eat less.

Final verdict

No matter which diet plan you’re following, the most important thing is consistency. While planning to lose some weight you should keep yourself motivated and never give up.