Top Aircraft Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

For most, buying an aircraft is an investment. Apart from your home and car, an aircraft is one of the costliest assets as it involves several things such as aircraft registration, certificate of airworthiness, type acceptance certificate, etc in order to fly free without breaking any rules. Therefore, you must ensure that it is safe to fly, and at the same time, also see that it is in top shape. Bear in mind that the aviation companies in UAE follow the federal aviation regulations. These rules are very specific in terms of what you are allowed or not allowed to do when it comes to aircraft maintenance.

Having said that, here are some of the top aircraft maintenance tips you should be aware of:

Vacuum Interiors

Be regular on vacuuming the interior of your plane. Wipe down all the surfaces and even disinfect them. Look out for any signs of grease or oil that might indicate a leak. In that case, get professional help. If your aircraft has leather finishes, take care of it and wipe it clean daily. Use a good leather-cleaning product every once in a while.

Take Care of Seat Covers

Appropriate cleaning is required for seats covered with vinyl or fabric. To prevent damage from dirt or spills, pre-treat the fabric. However, regular checking and cleaning are important to maintain them and ensure cleanliness.

Check Drain Holes

Use a pipe cleaner to clean the drain holes in the fuselage. You have to make sure that they are clear. If these drain holes get blocked, the trapped water can lead to corrosion a lot faster than you may think.

Clean the Instrument Panel

See that the instrumental panel is clean and everything is in working order. The majority of the aircraft instruments are installed in glass units that are fairly easy to clean using a good quality glass-cleaning product. There are products made particularly for cleaning aviation glass.

Check and Clean Nook and Corners

Sometimes passengers leave behind useless odds and ends. Check the glove compartment and other nooks that may have some useless pieces. Clean all of them and leave essential things.

Regular Oil Change

Regular oil change as required by the manufacturer is necessary. If you do it yourself, it will be recorded in the engine logbook. If you replace the oil filter, that also needs to be recorded in the logbook. Check the spark plugs and clean them.

Check Tires

The condition of tires is important. Also, check their air pressure. The take-off and landing of the aircraft are the most important as well as dangerous parts of flying. Accidents can happen if the condition of your tires is compromised. Pilots and aircraft owners can change the aircraft tires themselves but need the right tools and know what needs to be done.

Clean Fuel

Always check the fuel and make sure that it is clean.

These are some of the basic tips for maintaining an aircraft. If you own a small one, you can easily do it yourself. However, if you are a newbie and have no idea how to go about maintaining your aircraft, leave it to the professionals. There are many reliable aircraft management and maintenance companies that you can hire to ensure that your aircraft stays safe for flight and runs efficiently.