Top Countries Producing Graphite

Top Countries Producing Graphite

Graphite is one of the most demanding naturally occurring mineral. The market values of graphite is increasing day by day. In 2016 according to statistics the global market value of graphite was 12.5 billion US Dollar and now this value touches to 17.6 billion U.S Dollar and this trend seems to be increase with the passage of time. Graphite has various uses such as this is used in lubricants, pencil, electrodes, batteries, solar panels as well as this is also a good conductor of heat and electricity. Under normal conditions this is the one of the minerals which is found in stable form of carbon and at high temperature and pressure it converts into diamond which is one of the most expensive stone in the world. Following are the some top-Graphite producing countries this data is based on US Geological survey.


According to a survey china produce 650.000 MT mine production. This is almost 62 percent of world graphite mining. This doesn’t mean that investor assume that this dominance will continue forever because other graphite-mining countries put effort to steam line the production. Due to this process many plants are going to be closed in Shandong this may impact China Graphite Mold production in coming years.


After china Mozambique place second with an estimated production of 120,000 MT mine production. In past years Mozambique produce huge gain in graphite. According to US Geological survey a project of graphite in Mozambique started operation in 2018 and in 2018 and 2019 there was a boost in production, this project is reportedly the largest natural graphite mine. The expected life of this project is 50 years.


Brazil is the world’s third largest graphite producing countries with a capacity of 95,000 MT mine production. There is very little information about the Brazilian graphite mining market as the country is taking all these mining processes in private sessions. However, the company ETF states that this country is has the two largest mining procedures.


Madagascar is producing less graphite than top three countries. According to US Geological survey, some mine are going to give boost to production. With the passage of time Madagascar may be in the list of top Three because one of the large graphite deposits is under development in the East African nation.


In recent year the production of graphite in India was 34,000 MT mine with eight main producers. Country’s graphite reserve varies from state to state, half of the Indian’s graphite reserve are available in Arunachal Pradesh. In 2018 HEG a small graphite electrode made headlines for the record profit in India.


If we have a look of Russia’s recent Mine production which is only 24’000 MT which doesn’t show a good sign but on other hand the country is implementing two major projects Dalgrafit and Uralgraphite for graphite production which help to increase production in coming years. Like few other countries (Brazil) not much information is available regarding graphite mining in Russia.


Many companies who are focusing on graphite are now working in Canada as interest of potential source of graphite is increasing from past few years particularly since Tesla said it plans to source the lithium, graphite and cobalt it needs for its Nevada-based lithium-ion battery, in last years the production of graphite in Canada is not satisfactory because the Mine production number is not rising from 30,000 MT but this is decreasing with the passage of time.


Pakistan is one of the top countries, producing graphite every year. In 2020, the country produced 14000 MT graphite which is more than sufficient to enlist this country in the top graphite producing countries list. Information about graphite production in Pakistan is still insufficient for the demand.

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