Top Features of 1700 x 700mm Double Ended Bath

The 1700 x 700mm Double Ended Bath is a standard size bath in the UK. More spacious than the traditional single-ended design, these baths are great for family bathrooms. Bathtubs are in use since ancient times. However, there are major changes over time. Once thought to be luxurious item, these are now available in almost all homes in the UK. A modern bath is not just a functional fixture that you can use to have a comfortable bath. But an equally important for creating the required look in the bathroom. Other than various shapes available for the baths, we can generally divide them as single ended or double ended bathtubs. Both are different in terms of style and offer distinctive advantages. In this article, we are discussing the features of standard size double ended baths in the UK.

What is a 1700 x 700mm Double ended bath?

Bathtubs are available in different sizes to fit into various layouts. It starts from 1400mm, which is the smallest size, and ranges up to 1800mm, which is the largest. The bigger sizes, then this will probably be freestanding tubs suitable for unusually large bathrooms. So, what we are discussing here is a standard size bath the is most common in UK households. A double ended bathtub has slope edges at both of its sides. That means unlike single ended you can lay down and use it from either side. Another difference is that the tap is also in the middle of it, making it possible. 

1.1700 x 700mm Double ended bath Offer Spacious Bath Experience

A 1700 x 700mm Double ended bath is designed to accommodate two people; hence is spacious in comparison to the single-ended option. It means you have more space for taking a bath, giving a better and more comfortable experience. Many people don’t realize that if their tub is not good design, it will not help you relax. Therefore, if comfort is your top priority, then it is a suitable choice for you. 

2. Add Sense of Luxury with 1700 x 700mm Double ended bath

Want to add a sense of luxury and style to your bathroom? The standard size double ended bathtub can be an easier way to achieve your dream look. Not only it is perfect for modern or contemporary designs, but you can also use them in classic style washrooms. With its size that is suitable for most of the bathroom, it can fit in almost any settings and layouts. However, the best place to fit it will be against the wall so you can have a suitable place for taps.

3. Great Choice for Family Bathrooms.

The 1700 x 700mm Double ended bath is a great choice for family bathrooms. It is because the people with family often have a problem giving bathe to their children. Most of the times, the single ended bathtub is not spacious enough to do it. However, it is very easy with this style, and there is enough space available to bathe the kids. That means it is for everyone in the family, not just the adults. So, if you are looking for a suitable option for your family bathroom, it may be the best choice.

4. Perfect for All Bathroom Types

Whether your washroom is contemporary or traditional, a double ended bath can be a suitable choice for all bathrooms. It matches all types of decors and layouts. So, it is a kind of flexible option for creating a specific type of look and feel. 

Is a 1700 x 700mm Double ended bath suitable for your bathroom?

After reading about 1700 x 700mm double ended bath in previous sections, it may be easier for you to assess whether it is a suitable bath for your bathroom or not. If you have a standard size family washroom, then it can be a suitable choice for you. You can check out a range of baths and other bathroom fittings and fixtures at the Royal Bathrooms website, which is a leading online retailor for such products.