Top trending mehndi designs in 2022

Mehndi is the other name of henna across the world. It is a paste often associated with positivity, happiness, and good fortune. The oldest body art made by humans is by using this henna. Girls and women get their hands and feet loaded with the paste of mehndi on their special occasions. Whether it is any wedding or festival like Bhai Dooj, Teej, Diwali, or Eid, Mehndi is always there to drench into most girls’ and women’s celebratory feelings. Some women love its aromatic fragrance, while others love it because of its pretty and intricate mehndi designs. 

Different types of the latest beautiful Mehndi designs

The fashion of mehndi varies from country to country, spanning exceptional cultures and religious traditions, and making it feasible to apprehend cultural distinctions. Three important traditions can be distinguished, apart from the current use of henna as a transient tattoo. Generally, Arabic (Middle-Eastern) mehndi Latest Beautiful Mehndi designs highlights large, floral patterns on palms and feet, while Indian (Asian) Mehndi uses high-quality lines, lacy, floral, and paisley patterns hiding whole hands, forearms, toes, and shins; furthermore, African mehndi art is large and plain, with geometrically patterned flares. African mehndi patterns often use black henna (potentially very toxic) while Asian and Middle Eastern mehndi is typically reddish-brown (or orange). It is also frequently customized in many nations to step into the mehndi or follow the paste without growing a pattern to cool, protect or treat the skin.

Mehndi for festivals

On any occasion, girls apply mehndi to their hands to make their day extra special and let the people know how much they cherish and enjoy the event. The darker color of mehndi on the backhand is also somehow considered as a sign of love and care from beloved ones.

Here in this article, we will let you know about some popular mehndi styles that can give you pleasure and stylish mehndi design looks for making the occasion special.

  1. Arabic Mehndi design

Arabic Mehndi design is a trendy mehndi design that has clear lines and blank spaces. Arabic Mehndi design‘s origin is one or more of the Gulf nations. The white space in this mehndi design is prominent in the pattern and designs, making it more attractive.

  1. Moroccan Mehndi

Moroccan Mehndi designs are famous among all genders because of their unisex designs. For males, it’s a favorite option. This type includes geometric curves, geometric shape designs, big dots, and tribal patterns.

  1. Eid Mehndi designs

Eid is a unique festival of Muslims that brings joy and pleasure to them. This Festival is celebrated all over the world. And most women and girls apply henna to their palms on the night before Eid day. That’s why various patterns of Eid mehndi designs are popular for this special festival.

  1. Contemporary Mehndi patterns

That is the combination of swirls, geometric patterns, modern designs, and comical patterns. The spaces between the patterns resemble someone is wearing jewelry.

  1. African Pattern

For about 1000 years, mehndi has been a part of West African culture. African mehndi designs include patterns and designs according to their tribal cultures. However, it may have features in common with Arabic Mehndi designs and a notable resemblance to the lines and borders.

Mehndi Designs for Different Body Parts

Mostly women and girls embellish their hands and feet with beautiful mehndi designs. But nowadays, men are also decorating their body parts by using henna. Even cancer patients who lose their hair growth use henna to decorate their bald scalps.

Mehndi paste is green in color. But the color it leaves naturally on the skin is brown. However, with the advancement of technologies, now you can also get unique mehndi colors like white and gold. 

Front Hand Simple Mehndi designs

  1. Conventional Floral Arabic Trail

That is a full hand mehndi design with a lovely Arabic Bel-art touch that never goes out of style. It consists of little strokes with boundaries and fillings.

  1. Cascading Flower Power

This front hand mehndi design style has a jaw-dropping look. It starts from the base with a complete floral pattern. This pattern is then carried to the top with mid-sized florals. This simple floral bel art mehndi design is drawn at the side usually giving your hands a stunning look.

  1. Playing with the new age elements.

That is also a full hand simple mehndi design with new-age mehndi elements like dropping pinjras, designed fingertips, etc. The space between the designs further adds a modern look to your hand.

  1. Peacocks and Flowers

This pattern is unique and caught immediate attention. In this full hand mehndi design pattern, thick strokes are drawn at the boundary, and tiny detailing is added for filling. Furthermore, exclusively patterned nails add a more appealing look to the eyes.

  1. Intricate and Spacious

That is an elaborate mehndi design with superbly done fingers. That is perfect for engagement or minimalist bride ceremonies. But this design can be stiff up if not done with neatness.

Some other popular full hand mehndi designs include the following:

  1. An eye-pleasing mehndi design with lotus motifs
  2. A hearty tale mehndi design 
  3. Full hand mehndi design with personalized elements
  4. Peacocks, flowers, and the couple mehndi design 
  5. Leafy patterns with shading details
  6. Contemporary full hand mehndi designs 
  7. Picturesque piece of art mehndi designs
  8. Modern full hand mehndi design
  9. Couple enclosed in a heart-shaped frame
  10. Fairy-tale theme mehndi design

Trending Fingers Mehndi Designs for The Bride and Her Bridesmaids

It can be pretty tiring to decide what mehndi design to get during the wedding season. But don’t worry, we are here for your help.

The cultural Indian mehndi designs have many complex patterns, leaf motifs, architectural designs, and patterns related to Indian traditions. Even they have miniature portraits of man or woman, designs having birds or animals, and maybe some more complicated patterns.

The modern mehndi designs also focus on fingers, thumbs, ring finger mehndi designs. So here we bring some simple mehndi designs with a new look. These designs are simple, elegant, and a true presentation of henna art. They are meant for brides and bridesmaids. Some of the best finger mehndi design types are listed below:

  1. Floral finger mehndi design
  2. Designer Royal Finger Mehndi Design
  3. Heavy Finger Mehndi Designs 
  4. Light Finger Mehndi Designs
  5. Filled Finger Mehndi Design
  6. Rose on Fingers Mehndi Designs 
  7. Finger Mehndi Design for Bridesmaids
  8. Simple finger mehndi designs with beads to create lines
  9. Thumb Mehndi Design 
  10. One Finger Mehndi Design
  11. Two Finger Mehndi Design
  12. Ring Finger Mehndi Design
  13. Easy finger mehndi designs for feet
  14. Beautiful and stylish Finger Mehndi Designs
  15. Traditional Finger Mehndi Design
  16. Modern finger mehndi design
  17. Geometrical finger mehndi design
  18. Simple finger mehndi designs with the ornamental design
  19. The free fingertips simple mehndi designs
  20. Royal Finger Mehndi Design for the Brides

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Leg Mehndi Designs

Stylish Mehndi designs have been considered a hot topic for the longest time. You may have witnessed several top fashion influencers gushing about full hand mehndi designs. While at special functions, hands usually get the most attention and attraction, many a time the feet mehndi designs get ignored and somehow decided on the very last moment of the function. 

But nowadays with the recent trends in the modern fashion industry, leg mehndi designs are also becoming popular day by day. Like hand mehndi designs, the mehndi designs for legs and feet range from simple and most minimal designs to some unique and elaborate ones. 

Given below is a precise list of leg mehndi designs that are trending everywhere among women. Choose your favorite one among these options and try them which suits you the best. You may also mix two different leg designs to make a beautiful and contemporary design to stand out from all other lades. So, keep your best foot forwards on the fashion front and enjoy having beautiful legs. 

  1. Bold and Intricate Leg Mehndi Design
  2. Leafy Leg Mehndi Design
  3. Chained Beauty Leg Mehndi Design
  4. The Checkered Magic Leg Mehndi Design
  5. The Symmetrical Leg Mehndi Design
  6. Minimalism Rose Leg Mehndi Design
  7. Swirls Leg Mehndi Design
  8. Convention Leg Mehndi Design
  9. Funky Diva Look Leg Mehndi Design
  10. Check and Mate Leg Mehndi Design
  11. Starry Mandala Leg Mehndi Design
  12. Mirrored Beauty Leg Mehndi Design
  13. Tip-Toe Leg Mehndi Design
  14. Jewels Leg Mehndi Design
  15. Soulful Strokes of Henna

Final words

According to some studies, mehndi is considered a gorgeous attachment that can strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. Moreover, it has been a custom for women, girls, and men to have mehndi designs and tattoos on special occasions. At events, it is an exciting competition among family members and friends to draw beautiful patterns on hands and feet. Family members and friends co-operate with each other in designing mehndi on hand and feet. This article makes mehndi’s choice easier for you to have a fashionable look for 2022. We have compiled a variety of designs of Indian and Arabic mehndi designs. So, it is very easy for you to pick up from one of them on your special occasions.