Top Trends for Summer Dresses

The weather is getting warmer, and summer is just around the corner. As you start breaking out your warm-weather clothing and enjoy airing out your favorites from last summer, it might be time to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe, like some new summer dresses. Keep reading to learn what the hottest trends are for dresses this year so that you can find the perfect one for your closet.

Short Skirts

This summer, women are going mad for mini dresses and strutting their stuff with confidence. Summer dresses for 2022 are all about showing a little extra skin, and that means baring as much of your legs as you feel comfortable exposing. If you’re shopping for a trendy summer dress, you should be looking for something that falls to your mid-thigh or even higher. Don’t be afraid to go for those high-side cuts too! For this year, the higher the hemline, the better.

Sheer Materials

Speaking of showing some skin, transparency is the way this summer. Find something that conceals whatever you feel needs concealing, then let sheer materials show off the rest. While you certainly don’t need the entire dress to be sheer, incorporating some sheer materials will have you right on trend for 2022. And don’t assume this has to be scandalous; a sweet-looking lace dress that allows some skin to peek through is a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. A bonus of this trend is that you’ll stay a lot cooler when that summer breeze can kiss your skin right through your dress.

No More Neutrals

After two years of not getting out much, people are eager for some excitement, including adding some exciting color to their wardrobes. This summer’s fashion lineup is about color, color, and more. While there’s nothing wrong with a simple white or black dress when the situation calls for it, you should also look to add some hot pinks, rich teals, and vibrant purples to your closet. 

Basically, this summer’s dresses are all about letting loose and having a little fun as things begin to return to normal. Women are showing some skin, raising their hemlines, and stepping out in vibrant colors that will catch the eye. If you’re ready to update your summer wardrobe, look for casual strapless dresses that make you feel confident, empowered, and excited to wear them. Because ultimately, confidence is one trend that will never go out of style.