Toronto Fire Sprinkler Systems: The Latest News and Updates About Toronto’s Fire Safety

‍Fire safety is of the utmost importance when protecting your property, home, and family. This is especially important in urban areas, where properties are often clustered together with little or no separation. As cities continue to grow, the number of buildings requiring sprinkler systems also increases. For example, in Toronto, more than 12,000 residential properties now have fire sprinkler systems as part of their construction or renovation. The city’s fire department has even set specific targets for housing developers to encourage them to install sprinklers in new buildings or retrofit existing ones by 2025.

What Are Fire Sprinkler Systems?

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to spray water over fire areas, dousing them with a fine water mist. The system also contains a water supply that can shut off anytime to have a fire. They come in two forms: active and passive. A dynamic system includes a water pump that is activated by heat. It can only be used if a person is in the area. Passive systems contain a series of pipes that can be activated by heat and released from the ceiling to serve as a sprinkler system.

Fire Sprinkler System Types

– Dry pipe: Dry pipe sprinkler systems are the most used type of sprinkler system and are commonly used in single- or two-story residential buildings. They release water from a network of pipes in the ceiling, which travels down and absorbs heat from a fire before it hits the ground. However, dry pipe systems do not contain a water supply and, therefore, cannot prevent fires.

– Wet-pipe: Wet-pipe sprinkler systems are designed to operate even if the building’s water supply has been shut off, allowing a fire to be extinguished while leaving the building’s occupants unharmed. Wet-pipe systems contain a water supply and can put out fires.

Why Are Fire Sprinkler Systems Required in buildings?

Sprinkler systems reduce the risk of fire to buildings by 90 percent. Sprinklers are typically required in new buildings constructed with wood framing and in multi-story wood-frame buildings. However, the requirement for sprinkler systems may vary depending on the type of construction of the building and when the building was constructed. For example, sprinklers are required in new or newly renovated residential buildings built before 1991. In addition, commercial buildings constructed between 1991 and 1999 may also require sprinklers, depending on their type of construction.

Installing a Toronto Fire Sprinkler System

The City of Toronto requires that all residential buildings have a sprinkler system installed. Fire Sprinkler systems are required in all residential occupancies, such as apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and single-detached homes. In addition, a sprinkler system is needed when a building is constructed, renovated, or altered in any way that requires a structural change. For example, this includes when a new room or wall is added, a new floor is added, or a ceiling is altered.


What is the difference between a passive and a wet-pipe system? 

Wet-pipe sprinkler systems contain a water supply connected to a fire pump, making them capable of putting out fires. Passive systems do not have a water source connected to them. 

What are the requirements for sprinkler systems in different types of buildings? 

Sprinkler requirements are based on building type and occupancy. Dry pipe sprinkler system requirements are additional for residential/single-family and high-rise buildings. Fully sprinkled residential/single-family buildings must have a sprinkler system that includes automatic sprinklers in the basement or ground floor. Wet-pipe sprinkler systems are required for residential/single-family buildings but not high-rise ones. 

What is the difference between dry-pipe and wet-pipe sprinkler systems? 

Dry pipe sprinkler systems release water directly from a source, such as a pipe. Wet-pipe sprinkler systems contain a water supply and require activation by heat, such as a fire. Fire protection company toronto are one of the most effective ways of protecting your property from fire. While your fire alarm system should be your first line of defence, it is also essential to have a sprinkler system in place in case the alarm is not sounded when a fire occurs.