TP-Link AC750 Extender Not Working? Let’s Fix!

If you have chosen TP-link AC750 WiFi range extender to access uninterrupted range of the internet in every nook and cranny of your house, then you have made an excellent choice. This is one of the most outstanding devices to provide lag-free WiFi even in those areas where internet was never expected before.

But, like any other technical device, tplinkrepeater is also prone to technical issues. To help you resolve TP-link AC750 WiFi range extender not working issue, we have come up with this post. Here, we have mentioned the best tips that’ll help you resolve the extender not working issue with ease. Let’s get started!

Fix: AC750 Extender Not Working Issue

Fix 1: Relocate the Extender

Improper or bad location of your TP link extender may also force the device to not function well. Chances are – you might not have placed your tplinkrepeater accordingly, resulting in not working of the device. So, to make your device up and running, place it keeping the below-mentioned points into consideration:

  • Keep the TP-link AC750 WiFi extender at the centre-most area in your home.
  • Do not keep the extender near thick walls, fall-ceilings/roofs, windows, behind curtains, in corners, etc.
  • Keep the tplinkrepeater away from the reach of public WiFi.
  • For best performance of your TP-link extender, keep the AC750 device away from refrigerator, baby monitor, microwave, smart HDTV, stabilizer, cordless phone, gaming console, reflective surfaces, etc.
  • A higher and ventilated area would be best for your tplinkrepeater. Doing so will prevent overheating of the AC750 device.

Fix 2: Update the Firmware

Chance are that the firmware of your tplinkrepeater is running on an outdated version, resulting in non-working of the device. So, without wasting much time, update the firmware of your tp link repeater right away by following the instructions outlined underneath:

  • Navigate to the tplinkrepeater official site.
  • If available, download and install the latest firmware version (as per the availability of the model).
  • Launch a web browser of your choice on a desktop or laptop.
  • In the URL bar of the internet browser, type default IP or the web address.
  • Press Enter.
  • You will be prompted to input the default tplinkrepeater login credentials. Bear in mind – if you have changed the default admin name and password at the time of initial TP-link extender setup, it is suggested to use them instead.
  • You will be redirected to the Settings page.
  • Click Firmware Update > Browse button.
  • Select Upgrade.

Wait for some time. The latest firmware version on your tplinkrepeater will get updated. To avoid any damage of the firmware update file, do not turn off the device, click on any link, hit the back button, or do anything online.

Fix 3: Check the Power

Are you sure that your tplinkrepeater is getting a steady power supply? Maybe not! This would be the reason that might be causing non-working of the device. To fix the issue, ensure the following:

  • Ensure that tplinkrepeater is plugged into a working wall outlet.
  • Replace the wall socket (in case of damaged outlet).
  • The wall plug must be in reach of your existing router.

Fix 4: Set Up the Device Properly

Improper TP-link AC750 WiFi range extender setup may also let your device not function well. So, to get the most out of your tplinkrepeater, configure it properly using the exact step-by-step instructions given in its manual or on the settings page.

Fix 5: Power Cycle tplinkrepeater

Technical issues with the tplinkrepeater may also result in the non-working of the device. To get rid of the issue and to make the most out of your device, we suggest you restart or power cycle tp link repeater once a week.

To Sum Up

Our guide on how to fix the TP-Link AC750 extender not working issue ends here. We hope that this article proved helpful for you. And, if you need more assistance regarding the non-working of your tp link repeater, let us know via comments.