Insomnia: Diagnosis And Treatment Of Sleepless Nights

Insomnia is a health problem in which sufferer faces problem in sleeping. Most people across the world are suffering from a sleeping problem. The main reasons are changing lifestyle, stress, and bad eating habits. Diagnosis of Insomnia is done by doctors by doing various physical tests.


The diagnosis of Insomnia is based on symptoms shown by the sufferer and by doing the following researches. Have a look at the following points to determine whether a person is suffering from Insomnia or not:

1. Physical Exam

If the main reason for Insomnia is unknown then doctors will do a physical examination to determine the signs of medical problems that are causing Insomnia.

Usually, doctors prescribe a blood test to determine the thyroid level to determine the factors that are responsible for poor sleep. In addition to this, doctors also determine various other factors to find out the root cause of Insomnia.

2. Review Sleeping Habits  

In addition to this, the doctor also determines the sleep-related habits of the sufferer. Usually, doctors ask various questions to determine the sleep-wake pattern of your body.

They will also try to know the daytime sleepiness of the sufferer. Doctors recommend insomnia sufferer to maintain a diary for a few days and write down your sleep pattern.

Inappropriate ambiance temperature will also lead to a sleeping problem. You should consider turning on air conditioning Sydney in your room so that you can sleep well.

3. Sleep Study

If the root cause of insomnia is not known then you should also determine various other signs of sleep disorder like sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome.

Sometimes, doctors suggest the patient spend the whole night at the sleep center so that various tests can be done. These tests are done to determine and record various activities of the body while the patient is sleeping.

Brain waves, breathing, heartbeat, eye movements, body movements, etc. are recorded in these tests. The complete study of the person during the time of sleeping is known as Polysomnography (sleep study).


If you are diagnosed with Insomnia then you do not need to worry. Changing your sleeping habits and taking the right treatment will help you to overcome this problem.

Usually, insomnia is associated with stress, medical condition, bad lifestyle, bad eating habits, etc. By reducing stress and changing your lifestyle, you can easily overcome the sleeping problem.

If these measures do not help you to restore the normal functioning of the body, then doctors recommend medication and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Both cognitive behavioral therapy and the right medication will help in overcoming the sleeping problem. Here, we have discussed a few tips to treat and overcome the sleeping problem:

1. Follow Good Sleeping Schedule

You should maintain a good sleeping schedule to overcome the situation of Insomnia. You should sleep early and wake up early and maintain this cycle.

Avoid taking naps during the morning time because they interrupt your night sleep. Our body follows a circadian rhythm that tells our body about sleeping and waking-up time. You should maintain a good circadian rhythm to overcome the sleeping disorder.

2. Limit Consumption Of Alcohol

You should reduce your consumption of alcohol, especially before bedtime. Though alcohol drinking will make you feel asleep instantly, you will wake up at midnight and face problems in sleeping again.

You should also reduce the consumption of caffeinated beverages because they will also interrupt the sleep cycle.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

You should start living a healthy lifestyle such as regular workouts, good eating habits, a good sleeping routine, and various other things that will help you to live healthily.

A healthy lifestyle will help you to embrace sound sleep and also help in overcoming the sleeping disorder.

4. Maintain Ideal Sleeping Temperature

Sometimes, an inappropriate temperature also leads to a sleeping problem. Therefore, most people complain about sleeping problems during the summer season.

It is imperative to maintain the ideal sleeping temperature in your room. Therefore, you should consider the installation of ducted air conditioning Sydney in your house.

The air conditioner will help in maintaining the ideal temperature in the room and let your overcome sleeping disorder

5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT-I) can help in reducing negative thoughts that will keep you awake all the time. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is usually recommended as the first line of treatment for those who are suffering from insomnia.

Usually, CBT-I is quite effective in overcoming the sleeping problem. This therapy is more effective than sleep medication. The CBT-I techniques help in learning to determine the negative thoughts and stress that are affecting your sleeping ability.

Once you will determine these worries and get rid of them, you can embrace sound sleep without any problem. The CBT-I helps in building good sleeping habits.

6. Embrace Relaxation Techniques

You should embrace relaxation techniques to sleep well. You should implement a progressive muscle relaxation technique and start doing breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and embrace sound sleep. These techniques will help in controlling heart rate, reducing muscle tension so that you can sleep well.