Trend of Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online Shopping in Pakistan is really gaining popularity every single day. Nowadays, hundreds of retailers are selling their goods over the internet. Their primary purpose is to shift and advance the local shopping trend to a revolutionized one. Also, online shopping helps them raise their sales and enhance business in a short period without any strenuous efforts.

While almost all of us are adopting technological gadgets and internet services for every matter of our lives swiftly. Therefore, many Pakistani brands are launching their products and services online over the internet to have worldwide sales and easy access to their target audience. At those websites and stores, people can easily do online shopping in Pakistan.

What is Online Shopping?

Online shopping or E-commerce is defined as selling, buying, and trading products online through the internet. It is usually carried out with the help of different electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In this process, a shopper visits numerous websites, selects the product he likes and orders it online. The product then gets delivered to his doorstep by the company, and payment is received. Currently, it is the most convenient way of shopping worldwide through which anyone can buy anything 24 hours a day.

The Trend of Online Shopping in Pakistan

The trend of online shopping basically evolved to meet the needs and requirements of people in their homes. This trend not only made shopping easier for everyone but also saved a lot of precious time and money. However, when this trend started ruling out globally, it was not well known in Pakistan. But currently, online shopping in Pakistan is becoming a dominant trend too. Today it has not only revolutionized retail shopping but has also influenced several wholesale businesses.

Which Are the Top 10 Best Online Shopping Products in Pakistan?

Although there are millions of items sold all over the internet. Yet some of the top trending things that are most commonly bought through online shopping in Pakistan include the following:

  1. Clothing items
  2. Men’s Shoes
  3. Undergarments
  4. Cosmetics
  5. Ladies’ handbags
  6. Bedsheets
  7. Beauty products
  8. Healthcare items
  9. Kids accessories
  10. Women’s jewelry and many more

However, remember that not all goods are available and best of a single place. An individual may have a good experience with any shopping website for a particular thing but not for other items. Hence, he has the option of testing various websites on the basis of

  1. items he needs
  2. product discounts
  3. deal offers
  4. buyer’s protection
  5. guarantee on products and many more

Top 5 Best Websites for Online Shopping in Pakistan

1.    Daraz. pk

Daraz. pk is well-known all-over Pakistan for its amazing diversity and best customer shopping experience. It is one of the best places fording reliable online shopping in Pakistan. Here people can find a diverse range of items, including

  1. home appliances
  2. mobile and computers
  3. books and novels
  4. beauty and fashion accessories
  5. kid’s toys
  6. kitchen range
  7. clothing items and many more

Moreover, the best thing about Daraz is that its delivery and bill payment system is very easy. Its main goal is to provide products to customers and buyers all over the country within time. Also, it is well-known for its prolific discounts and online sales, selling goods at an affordable price.

2.    GoTo

Go to is another unique online shopping website and store in Pakistan. It offers an extensive range of leading brand products. Whether you need products related to beauty, home décor, fashion, personal grooming, or technology, you can all have them here at affordable rates. The main aim of this website is to 100% satisfy its customers with its original products.


It is also a very well-known website for online shopping in Pakistan. However, it is particularized in selling designers and branded clothing items for women all over the country. In addition to that, this store has an extraordinary range of both men’s and women’s fashion accessories. Also, one can have some extravagant home decors from this website at reasonable rates.

4.    Hamariweb Shop

It is one of the other great websites in Pakistan from where anyone can have nearly everything of daily use. The main aim of this website is to present an actual comparative online marketplace in Pakistan for online buyers. For this purpose, it offers an exclusive range of products along with their price tags and updated deals on them displayed online.


Another famous platform for doing the best electronic products online shopping in Pakistan. That is one of the best websites which offers both men and women’s advanced gadgets. Here one can have an immense variety of

  1. smartphones
  2. tablets
  3. laptops
  4. Personal computers
  5. tech gadgets
  6. theaters
  7. wearable gadgets
  8. media players
  9. video game consoles and many more

That is why this store is acknowledged to be one of the fastest developing and most advanced online shopping stores in Pakistan.

Top Trending websites for Specified Online Shopping in Pakistan

Other popular online stores or websites for specific shopping categories include the following:

Fashion In Pakistan

  1. Faisalfabrics. pk
  3. Jewelry

Consumer Electronics in Pakistan

  1. Paklap. pk
  2. Industech. pk
  3. Thebrandstore. pk

Personal Care in Pakistan

  2. Saloni. pk
  3. Ardor. pk
  4. Beauty bar. pk
  5. Makeup world. pk

Why Is the Trend of Online Shopping in Pakistan Increasing Day by Day?

Over time, with the changes in customer behavior and the advancement in technology. Now everyone needs to keep an eye on the latest eCommerce trends. Offline shopping is now becoming relatively polar.

The comfort, convenience, and ease that online shopping offers to people in this area are significant factors to overlook the few cons. Fortunately, now everyone can shop for better items with lower prices online and receive the product at his doorsteps to enjoy the shopping experience as never before.

Advantages of Online Shopping in Pakistan

1.    24/7 Availability

Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores having fixed serving hours, online shopping stores never close. Whether day or night, one can go shopping anything he wants by just having an internet connection and a mobile.

2.    Infinite Choice

In local shops, the variety of choices is somehow limited to the shelf space. While in online stores, one can swiftly swipe the pages to view an extensive range of products for selection and choice.

3.    Fixed Product Prices

On shopping physically, you have to pay off the price told to you by the vendor or waste some time by negotiating with him. While in the case of online shopping, the fixed price tags are mentioned on each product, and you have to pay that price to get it.

4.    No Pressure Sales

Random shop sellers usually try to put some pressure on the customer to buy a particular product. But luckily, in online shopping, one is free to choose anything without any external pressure. That means you are free to have whatever you want.

5.    Easy Reviews of Products

Last but not least, an extraordinary advantage of online shopping is that one can have easy access to the previous customer’s reviews regarding any product. Those reviews give keen insights into the product usage and its company.


Despite the various advantages and convenience of online shopping, not every individual prefers to buy their favorite products online. Some persons generally like the idea of physically visiting a nearby shopping general store and buying the things by checking their quality.

However, some significant reasons why some people don’t recommend online shopping in Pakistan may include the following:

  1. Online shopping does not allow the buyers to touch and check the product physically
  2. Many people have worries and doubts about being the victim of online theft
  3. Some individuals fear sharing their credit card information online.
  4. While shopping online, there is always a risk of not getting the product as selected online
  5. Buying clothes online is also a difficult thing as sometimes the dress’s size may not fit well.
  6. Waste of money and time are some other significant reasons.
  7. The delivery of the right product at the correct address and within time is sometimes just a probability.


Currently, the expansion of online markets is expected to increase over the next few years in Pakistan. Moreover, the probability been indicated by the popular Statista Digital Market Outlook states that: It is predicted that for the next four years, the annual compound growth rate in Pakistan online will be more than 34%.


Five major categories are considered under this revenue estimation of online shopping in Pakistan:

  1. Fashion, being the largest segment, contributes 69% of revenue
  2. Electronic and media gadgets follow fashion with 13%
  3. Then some personal care and food items with 9%
  4. Appliances and furniture contribute almost 5%
  5. Children DIY things and toys come at the end with 4%

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