Unlocking Success: The Indicators in Your Birth Chart

Success in life does not come from any one particular source or aspect in life. It does not come only due to positive planetary positions in your birth chart, because of your talent and skills, or only because of sheer hard work.

Success in life comes from a blend of your natural or inborne skills, your horoscope and your intentions. All aim for success in life. Some rise from sheer struggle to a destiny of riches from rags. Others persevere and make sincere efforts to become successful. While some succeed, others continue to struggle.

vedic astrology predictions can reveal to you the key indicators for success and also the drawbacks which may prevent you from reaching your goals. Please consult with our expert Astrologers from AstroVed to see how your birth chart aligns for you, and receive insights into your past life actions on which a lot depends for situations to occur in your present life.

How an Individual Faces Endless Struggle


If you have talent and want to highlight your skills, you may be prone to chasing that dream always. There are many individuals in the world of sports and entertainment who have struggled hard for recognition and wasted a good part of their lives. You may have the acumen for business, but end up wasting your resources on a business that fetches you no returns. There are some setting their sights on highly prestigious jobs and fritter away their active years. Others yet again end in a rut trying to prove a point wasting time and energy.

Astrological Factors that Deny Success


There are many reasons why some individuals persist in their efforts but fail to make the mark.

1.Weak Lagna (Ascendant) or Lord- A weak Ascendant or Ascendant Lord can allow for laziness and make inner strength redundant, not allowing the individual to realise the sacrifices to be made for future gains.

2.Weak Lagna (Ascendant) & 3rd House- A weak Ascendant and weaker 3rd House can take away the tenacity and persistence required of making modifications to find new ways to success. Instead, it can waste away talent and inherent intelligence.

3. 6th House- The 6th House in the horoscope can determine whether an individual can be motivated to plan for the future or a total lack of planning can cause struggles.

4.Weak Lagna (Ascendant) & 6th House- Everyone has a fear of failing. The feeling goes deep before venturing into anything new, and can actually make a person stronger. A weak Ascendant and 6th House can cause the fear factor.

5. Moderately-Placed Lagna (Ascendant)- Demotivation comes quickly to those who look for early outcomes or are eager for quick results, which could be caused by a moderately-placed Ascendant.

6. Imbalanced 11th House- Using others to place the blame on or making excuses for one’s own mistakes can be due to an imbalanced 11th House who fails to grow or succeed.

7. Aversive Lagna (Ascendant) & Ill-Placed Lagna Lord- An individual with these astrological aspects in their birth chart can be negative, prone to arguments and confrontations, not heeding sensible or well-meaning advice from others.

8. Activated Venus in Shadow of Malefic Planet- Those with this aspect of Venus in their birth chart can be under the influence of day-dreaming and other worldly distractions that give the notion of being successful.

9. Misrepresented 11th House- Some individuals are not competent at networking and unwilling to associate with those willing to render help may have a distorted 11th House in their birth chart.

10.Negative Lagna (Ascendant)- Possessing humility is a great asset as it helps you be gracious, assess yourself in terms of your strengths and limitations. In short it helps you assess your inner strength. However, a negative Ascendant can prevent growth.

How Vedic Astrology Can Guide You to Success


Vedic Astrology has the tools to help examine and help you understand what is stopping you from achieving your goal or reaching the heights of success which eludes you. Please contact our expert Astrologers at AstroVed and gain insights into the factors that can help you get ahead.

Vedic Astrology Website can help you choose the correct path to progress and see how the astrological planetary positions and stars are balanced in your birth chart. They can pinpoint the actual aspects and that of false hope by a thorough analysis of the birth chart. Once they assess your Kundli thoroughly and provide you the tools for Karma Correction, the understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t can guide you towards a significant transformation.

An Astrological reading can help you reverse some tendencies and breakdown in habits that no longer work for you.

-Inner strength for tolerance of high emotional discomfort

-Increased tolerance for stress levels

-Giving up on your bad habits

-Courage to make the right decisions

– Accepting failure as a stepping stone to success

-Breaking up goals to an achievable limit


-Time-bound plans

How Your Horoscope Helps You Succeed?


Your horoscope can be a major tool which can identify in indicators of pitfalls, and corrective methods and caution to succeed in life. Sometimes, your birth chart can indicate sudden changes which you least expect.

A strong Ascendant and Lord in a strong placement in your birth chart can indicate success.

A strong Sun and Moon or the strength of one of them can indicate success. The Sun can bestow high position and status, while the Moon gives the emotional balance and maturity.

The position of Trine Houses (Lakshmi Sthan in Vedic Astrology) and their Lords (1st, 5th, and 9th Houses are called Trikona or Trine Houses which when well-placed bring bright opportunities for good fortune and recognition.

Strong 10th House in your horoscope with beneficial placement or association of planets can allow for a high rise in career position, as well as name and fame.

The position of Jupiter in your horoscope can bode well. Jupiter in association with the Sun can bring you leadership, and if placed with Mars can enhance entrepreneurship and bring success.

A strongly- placed Saturn in your birth chart can help achieve all your goals. Your hard work and consistent efforts will pay dividends and bring you immense success.

Your Dasha (Time) patterns can determine the quantum of your success. Even with exalted planets, the supportive Dasha and transits can make a huge difference in helping you achieve the desired results.

Fate can suddenly change due to the influence of your past life karma. Life can be a game-changer when you least expect it. Miracles do happen and are pre-destined. Each horoscope can trigger a spark, which happen once in a lifetime or perhaps twice. Blessings come in disguise when you are down. Or you may experience failure suddenly.

Such miracles can happen when you get a new assignment or opportunity you never dreamt of, a miraculous escape from an accident, winning a lottery, or getting a life-changing deal.

Conversely, an individual’s life can be marred by negative occurrences. Things may not work out for you in cases like not getting a steady job, business losses, losing wealth without specific reasons, failing marriage despite efforts, harassed by continuous debts, experiencing sorrow mostly, losing loved ones and a fate that keeps you unhappy.

Discover the Spark in Your Horoscope


Vedic Astrology has the expertise to study your horoscope and make an in-depth analysis of all the astrological aspects causing inadvertent events in your life and help you control them. Please contact our expert Astrologers at AstroVed to analyse your horoscope and identify your past life karma, positive and negative, analyse planetary positions, combinations and aspects, make some changes and record the outcomes, to identify where lies the source that could activate your life for positive transformation and success.