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Do you wish to update your house? And do you also have a limited budget for the same? If yes, you might wish to make sustainable choices. Also, the place where you will have the most options for your money is the kitchen. 

Not everyone realizes, but a kitchen is a central part of your house. It’s the room that gets used mostly and it’s the place where your loved ones come together. It’s also a place where you might get inspired for cooking a healthy meal. It’s here that functional design can add a huge difference in your life quality on a daily basis. It’s also adding to your home value. 

However, there is no need to spend ample amount for your kitchen renovation if your kitchen is acceptable but is slightly cramped or dated. It’s essential to get creative or strategic so that your kitchen space becomes both inspirational or functional. Here are some ideas that you can implement:

  1. Upgrade the kitchen lighting

It is a simple refresh which can help to upgrade the entire feel and look of the kitchen space. It will enable you to work easily with the space. You can also search for costly light fixtures online or at a local store. You can add a pendant atop the peninsula or the island. If you want, you might also add a gooseneck sconce or a dramatic pendant atop the sink. Make sure to add a string of small white lights or a pluck lighting beneath the cabinets to illuminate the counter for working and create an ambiance. If you want you can check the state of the current lighting and the way you can upgrade it. Taking the advice of an interior decorator is a smart call. 

  1. Choose the correct faucets

You should also focus on the faucets that you need to add to your kitchen space. If you want you can search online and find out the faucets that will work well here. Additionally, you can also read about the benefits of a kitchen pot filler faucet and how can it add value to your kitchen space. If you want this kind of faucet, you can also check the price range and choose the one that caters to your requirement and budget. 

  1. Open up the space visually

Eliminating a part of the upper cabinetry can totally transform your entire kitchen. You will see that it feels much lighter, contemporary, and more functional. The open shelving is a fantastic way to display the stacks of daily dishes that you use and serve platters, cookbooks, and the fresh herbs. In fact, it is much easier to grab and then place away the dishes where it belongs. One of the best advices that you can implement is to invest to in daily stack dishes and a glassware in the same shape and color that you have. It will compel you to streamline by doing away with your mismatched dishes and even the ones which you no more use. Read about 15-Minutes Fried Chicken Breast with Asparagus

However, here two options can work very well. One, you can eliminate the upper cabinets and substitute it with the open floating shelves. And two, you can simply eliminate the hardware and the doors from your present uppers. 

  1. You can add a backsplash

When you say yes to a backsplash, it can add more persona to the kitchen. In fact, it feels more modern when you just add the white subway tile along with the old oak cabinets. And if you wish to have something that is more fun, you can opt-in for the patterned ceramic tiles if you have a very small space or a wall that can have a great impact. That aside, you can also make use of the wainscoting or shiplap panels which is a costly but scenic backsplash. 

  1. You should also change the hardware

It’s essential to upgrade the cabinet hardware and the faucet which makes a huge impact with very less investment of money and time. Despite having stainless steel appliances, you can choose a sleek polished chrome or even a bold brass. It’s a mixed-metal modern feel. 

  1. Update the peninsula or the island

Refreshing only the peninsula or the island using a shiplap on its back, just by adding corbels or painting, can add the much-desired life and character to the kitchen. You might also want to extend the island out which doesn’t have the seating by buying the new countertop with the overhang as well as adding legs. 

  1. You can add a touch of interest or elegance

You might want to forget the tile and paint. In order to add more jazz to your kitchen, you can add an unexpected or elegant decorative elements such as a beautiful lamp atop the counter or an art piece, copper pots or antique rack or mirror. You might also get a silver tray to place the cooking oils on. 

  1. Paint the cabinets

It is one of the old rules to opt-in for. In case, you have stable wood cabinets but don’t like the color, you can decide to paint it rather than buy a new set. If you want you can choose a light grey, classic white or even opt-in for a two-shade look. Make sure that the color you choose matches the overall theme and look of the kitchen. 

  1. Mount the baskets on your wall

You should keep the kitchen surface completely clutter free simply by hanging the wire baskets on your wall from the base. You can use it to display spice jars, cookbooks, and keep the utensils handy. Make sure to create some kind of a symmetry by hanging it in groups of four, six or two. If you wish to create a style statement, you can also spray paint the baskets using a neon shade to add a pop or shade to the scheme. 

These are a few ways you can renovate your kitchen space within your budget. You need to decide what you want to attain to the renovation work and how much budget do you have for the same. It will enable you to plan the renovation work well and accomplish your target. 

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