Water Damage in 2-BHK Apartment in South Mumbai: What Should You Do

Whether you own a 2 BHK apartment in South Mumbai or renting it, water damage could be a nightmare for both. From broken pipes to leaking roofs, everything gets damaged in water damage. Especially the walls and flooring. Water damage and flooded apartments require you to take quick action to reduce and control the damage so you can restore your apartment.

Since water damage is a common problem, it is best to know what to expect and how you can protect your property from such an event. With a proper to-do list, you can be better prepared to deal with such a situation.

Find the Source of Flooding

The first step to tackle water damage is finding where the water is coming from whether it’s overflowing sinks, toilets, or leaky pipes. You can turn off the water source from a valve next to the toilet that might be the problem. Or you can ask the residents living in the apartment above you regarding the leak.

In case of a natural water disaster such as a flood, hurricane, or tsunami, get out of the apartment and into a safe place right away. Salvage what you can such as necessary paperwork and essentials.

Speak to Your Landlord

If you are a tenant, then both you and your landlord will have to work together. The landlord would want to protect their property and you want to protect your stuff. The landlord shall be able to get the help of maintenance workers for slowing down the flooding. As long as the flooding is not severe and you need to evacuate, get in touch with your landlord while finding the source of flooding.

Document the Damage

If the apartment is safe to stay in, then it is wise that you make short clips and capture the damage in photos. Take notes and capture everything with date and time. This shall come in handy when you are talking to the landlord and renter’s insurance provider. This shall speed along the repair and restoration process and the insurance company shall require such documentation.

Think About The Repairs

After you have controlled the damage, it’s time to start talking about the repairs and maintenance. Ask about the schedule, access requirements, and what to expect. If you are still living there, make notes of the repairs. If there are any delays or ongoing leaks, talk to your landlord about it.

Get Professional Cleaning

Once the water has subsided and all the repairs have been completed. You would need to get a professional cleaning done. You don’t necessarily have to hire the services of a cleaning crew if your bathroom is flooded a bit.  In case the flood was significant, get proper cleaning and sanitization.

Move Out if Damage is Too Much

Flooding caused by a hurricane, storm, or burst pipe can make the flat unlivable. You can break the lease in such an event or move out temporarily while the landlord gets everything repaired and makes the place livable again. Unless you know how long it would take for the repairs to get done, it is better to break the lease and move or consider buying a 2 BHK flat for sale in Bycullaif your finances allow you.

Get In Touch With Your Insurance Company

If you have the renter’s insurance, then call your insurance company and get information if the policy covers the damage. Usually, most insurance requires a separate apartment flood policy to cover natural disasters and weather. But renter’s insurance shall cover a water leak in your apartment that has caused damage to your things.

Get Information About Your Local Ordinances

States require the landlords to give the tenants notice in advance to move out of the apartment when it is getting repaired. But, depending on the cause and severity of the damage, the rules and regulations might differ. Also, they should not charge you during the duration of these repairs. In some cases, they might reimburse you for the moving expenses and other costs.

Flood apartments can have disastrous results and lead to quite a lot of damage if severe, with a take control plan, you can do things right along with your landlord and resume routine life.

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