Watercolor kit for artists of all levels

Watercolor kit for artists of all levels. I love the concept of ​​carrying a kind watercolor kit, a thermos of drink, some snacks, and going farther to brush alone in the stunning countryside. So I drove somewhere out in the field and full of meadows strapped my folding chair behind my back, and went to a remote place where birds, butterflies, and occasionally bunnies were having fun while listening to soothing music on my headphones. The best piece is that I don’t draw sketches or nature, so I’d be dropping in a field about drawing little triangles and still well as a mollusk.

Anyway, let’s talk about the watercolor travel kits. I’m sure you’ve noticed them on Pinterest and Instagram. Some are pre-made. Others are fabulous treasure chests that artists have put together to carry their most essential paintings and accessories. For this post, I’ll focus on the pre-made kits that you can buy. They hold small bottles of watercolor, a little brush, and a range or more to work as a palette. They’re small enough to fit in a bag (or even a pocket) and fold flat to store all cool drawings. They are perfect if you travel or have a long trip and want to do something else:

  • Secure your phone
  • Star other people
  • read a book
  • He drew

Watercolor travel kit to buy

Want to skip the DIY and buy a beautiful watercolor travel kit to take with you? Some of these little kits can carry on airplanes. Prepare to have people gawking at your art.

Watercolor Sakura Koi Travel Kit

We’ll start with what is arguably the most popular travel kit, the Sakura Koi. There is no doubt that if you like travel watercolor kits, you have heard or seen this on all social networks. Sakura is a great brand overall, and this little kit is perfect for painting on the go for most people.


  • half pot watercolor paints
  • Refillable water brush
  • 2 sponges (embedded in the case)
  • Removable mixing tray
  • Very light
  • The cap also acts as a tripod
  • You can put some sheets of paper in the box.

What I like about this:

I love that the tray has legs that fit snugly over the paintings when you close the kit, but then you can remove it and attach it to the lid or edge of the box by placing two legs in two of the holes. Then, if you put it on the top, the feet lift it for easy access. It is one of those minor design features that you end up liking so much! It comes in different sizes and amounts of paint colors. I have the 18 color set, which is fine if you want to save space, but there aren’t enough colors for my taste. I will go with the 24 or 30 color sets if you want more color options.

For whom it is:

This set is perfect for teens and adults who aren’t necessarily looking for professional-quality paints but still want a well-designed journey set with plenty of colors to choose from.


You will need several water brushes to have different brush shapes, just as a backing or separate colors. You can somehow clean the brush tips on the sponges, but if you are picky about keeping the colors pure, be sure to buy more brushes.

You can view paint samples for all colors here

Here is a photo of the sizes for the different outfits:

Winsor and Newton

You can always count on Winsor & Newton for quality art supplies, and their watercolor kits are no exception. I include 2 here because you must feast your eyes on the magnificent professional travel kit.

Winsor & Newton Cotman pocket box

It is similar in quality to Sakura Koi. You get a good quality painting, right on this side of the lush professional paints. This little box is a simple travel kit that comes with 12 half-pan colors and a small brush.


  • Only 5 inches long when closed makes it nice and small!
  • 12 basic color half pots to mix
  • The lid is segmented into 3 mixing areas.
  • What I like about this:
  • Larger watercolor trays mean you can use bigger brushes (and, of course, they last longer).
  • Get the essentials: paints, a smudging surface, and a brush.
  • The price is great, so this is a great starter set for beginners.

For whom it is:

This kit is for those who want to occupy minimum space in their bag or suitcase while still obtaining quality paintings. You won’t get many colors, so make sure you’re comfortable mixing paints or practicing on the go. However, it is a great starter game for anyone who prefers a very basic color game.


  • Buy your brushes, normal or pen brushes.
  • Use double-sided tape or a sticky pin to hold the pots in place; this is a common problem with this kit but easily fixed.
  • Change the colors you think you are not using to the colors you prefer; some reviewers have added green and purple. Replacement containers for these are difficult to find, so your options are:
  • fill with professional half pans
  • squeeze the watercolors from the tube into the empty trays and let them settle

Paint a color chart for you to take with you before your trip; Check out this great example from a reviewer:

Winsor & Newton Professional Field Box for Watercolors, 12 Half Trays

When you’re ready to move on to professional watercolors, this is your travel kit. 12 half trays give you more paint and are encased in a 5.2 “long box that opens up to a mini portable artist studio.


  • The compact size still packs a lot of paint
  • Larger sponge than most travel kits.
  • Foldable travel brush
  • 2 paddle surfaces open and stays connected to the box
  • Large water cup attached at the end

Here is a list of the colors that come in this set:

French Ultramarine, Winsor Blue (Green Tone), Permanent Sap Green, Winsor Green (Blue Tone), Winsor Lemon, Winsor Yellow, Lake Scarlet, Winsor Red, Alizarin Permanent Crimson, Permanent Pink, Yellow Core, Burnt Sienna, Rough Terra D Tone, and white titanium.

What I like about this:

Rich, vibrant colors don’t fade and have that grainy texture that watercolor paints can sometimes develop. Good size sponge to clean brushes and use to add texture to paint.

Includes bottle integrated into the cap.

Great colors in half a saucepan that, being professional quality, you can mix many more colors.

Watercolor travel kit for kids

If you give a kid a semi-decent quality art kit, 10 times out of 10 they will feel like a professional artist, love it forever, and probably head to town wearing it right away. The little travel watercolor kits are PERFECT for kids to take on vacation, to doctor’s appointments, to dinner, and anywhere you normally let them play on a screen.


  • 42 paint colors
  • Small split side palette for mixing colors
  • Colors are labeled on the edges for quick location.
  • Non-toxic paints

What I like about this:

It opens to reveal 42 colors and comes with a small sponge and a watercolor brush. You can toss this in your purse or backpack with a little sketchbook, and you don’t have to chase markers or crayons all over the place.

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