Ways to increase the size of a T-shirt

It happens that ways to increase the size of a T-shirt, since it has become small for some reason, and there are ways to do this. We will also tell you how to choose good clothes so that you do not regret buying later.

Sometimes an unpleasant situation arises when the T-shirt is reduced in size. This can happen due to several reasons: washing a thing in an unsuitable mode, incorrect determination of the size of a thing when buying in an online store, weight gain. The most common cause of this problem is the wrong wash.

You can, of course, just throw out the clothes that have become small, but if you like them, if you were comfortable in them, you should not rush, because the situation can be corrected. There are several options for increasing the size of a T-shirt, which option is right for you depends on the material of the item. So let’s start looking at each of these methods.

Simple solution to the problem

In most cases, when a T-shirt shrinks after washing, it is made from natural materials. Cotton tends to shrink at high temperatures. The synthetic element elastane, which is part of the material of many things, is designed to prevent garments from pulling together during the wash process. However, it happens that the problem still occurs.

In this case, you can do the following. You need to iron the product by spreading it out on a towel, covering it with wet gauze on top, or simply wetting the T-shirt itself. After these manipulations, it should acquire its original appearance.

How to increase the size of clothes by washing

If this easy method didn’t work for you, there are several others. Try to use them. You can make the shirt bigger by washing. How it’s done? If the material of the item is synthetic, it must be dipped in cold water and then sent to the washing machine without adding detergent. The washing mode must be set to a delicate one.

We took the item out of the washing machine, then let it dry vertically. Also, after completing the wash, it is allowed to place the item on the table or in another convenient place and quietly stretch it on the sides. After all this, your clothes should increase by one size.

Knitted clothes can be made more in one very simple and convenient way. To do this, you need to put the clothes in some container with warm water for about five minutes, and then gently squeeze them out. Next, the T-shirt should be placed in an empty container and rubbed with hair conditioner. After that, you can start stretching the product, if necessary, increase the amount of conditioner.

At the end of the procedure, rinse the T-shirt, wring it out slightly. Then soak a sponge in vinegar and run this sponge over the T-shirt, stretching the fabric from time to time. Then it should be washed in the delicate mode. The unpleasant vinegar odor can be easily eliminated by using fabric softener. It is recommended to dry the T-shirt vertically.

Features of stretching cotton t-shirt

Hold the shirt under the tap, then wring it out, place the garment somewhere, stretch it around the edges. Do not iron it with a too hot iron, remember to pull it to the sides sometimes. Then place it on a piece of cloth, stretch it on the sides and wait for the item to dry.

Want to expand your cotton clothing?

In this matter, you will need someone’s help. You need to wet the thing, then put it on a towel. Pull it wide and have your assistant grab the bottom of the shirt at the same time. This will helpways to increase the size of a T-shirt.

To stretch a cotton item along its length, dip it in cool water, pour in some shampoo. Squeeze the garment lightly, lay it on the board and pull along the length. Secure the garment with a weight and wait for it to dry.

After completing the wash, immerse the clothes in low-temperature water, wring out a little. If the room is warm enough and if you have a strong immune system, you can wear a T-shirt to match the shape of your body. Although it is best to use other ways to increase the size of a T-shirt to avoid possible colds.

Ironing as a way to stretch clothes

To try this option, grab cheesecloth, an iron, a rope to dry your clothes, and clothespins.

It is necessary to draw a basin of water, the temperature of which does not exceed forty degrees, and leave the T-shirt in it for ten minutes. Then it should be gently squeezed out. If the T-shirt has inscriptions, drawing or patterns, you need to wring it out with special care, otherwise the image may be damaged. Next, you need to lay out the damp thing on the ironing board, cover it with gauze on top and iron it using the steaming mode; during ironing, stretch the T-shirt around the edges. You do not need to touch images on things with an iron. The shirt should remain slightly damp. In this state, it must be hung with the neck down.

How to fix the collar

It happens that the T-shirt is stretched out in the neck area. It’s a pity to throw it out because of such a trifle. How to act in such a situation? It is necessary to carefully rip off the collar strip (in most cases it is double), divide it, make it single and lengthen it. Next, you should use the iron to walk along the cut-out of the T-shirt, fold it in two along the shoulder seam.

Then take a piece of fabric, fold it in two, press it against the seam on the shoulder of the T-shirt, pull gently and sew it in a circular direction. Hold three centimeters before completion. Connect the ends of the strip with stitches, and hide the seam at the fold of the strip. Then sew the remaining three centimeters to the neckline. That’s all, it’s done.

Criteria for choosing a new T-shirt

What criteria should be followed when buying a new item? It is very important to pay attention to the material of the garment and how it is sewn. If you carefully approach the choice of purchase, you will not have to regret it in the future, because it often happens that you liked a thing in the store, and a little later it became clear that the quality leaves much to be desired. Let’s take a closer look at the selection criteria:

  1. The shoulder seams should run exclusively along the humerus.
  2. Pay attention to how the item made of stretchy materials is sewn – the seams should not fall apart.
  3. The sleeves of clothes should not be narrow and hinder movement, to make sure of this, bend your arms at the elbows – if your arms are not comfortable and tight, do not buy such a thing.
  4. Some materials wrinkle considerably when worn – these are natural materials such as linen or cotton. To find out, squeeze the fabric with your palm, if it is very wrinkled, then it will cause inconvenience when wearing.

What to do with a T-shirt if it shrinks after washing?

Has your T-shirt sat down after washing? Sorry to throw the thing away? And you don’t need to. There are several ways to solve this problem. What – find out below. We will also tell you about the rules, following which, you can avoid this problem in the future.

It happens that after washing the thing shrinks. This problem is familiar to every woman. Do not think that the item that has shrunk after washing is gone, there are several ways to restore it to its normal appearance. Each method requires great care, otherwise you can completely ruin the thing.

Returning the T-shirt to its normal size by re-stitching

Do not limit yourself if you decide to alter a thing. Use your imagination to make it even more interesting and stylish. This way you can create a completely new T-shirt design! by using different ways to increase the size of a T-shirt

First, you need to choose a piece of knitted fabric that matches the color of your T-shirt. You can tear off this flap from the thing you don’t need or, if this is not possible, buy fabric in the store. Next, you need to rip the product along the edges to the level of the armpits. Cut out a strip of fabric to expand the T-shirt and apply it to the ripped sides of the T-shirt. You can do about the same with the neck. At the end, we stitch it on a typewriter and ways to increase the size of a T-shirt.

You need to try on the item before going to the sewing machine to make sure the size is correct. If you do not have the ability to work with a sewing machine, you can seek professional help, or use one of the other methods discussed below.

For example, an easier “lazy” way to return your item to its original size. Its essence is to put a wet T-shirt on a mannequin, hanger or something else during drying.

How to stretch a T-shirt with an iron

As you can imagine, in this case the T-shirt will return to its original size due to the application of high temperature. So what do you need to do for this?

First, immerse the item in cool water (maximum forty degrees) for a short amount of time (ten minutes), then squeeze and shake. In the event that there is an image on the clothes, it is better to wait for the water to drain, otherwise, the appearance of the thing may deteriorate. Next, you need to lay out a towel with a nap on the ironing board, put clothes on top of it, and on top – any fabric made of light material (for example, gauze). Then iron the thing on both sides, stretching it slightly on all sides. It is better not to touch the part where the image is. For efficient and quick results, use the steam function on your iron.

Rules for increasing a T-shirt with vinegar

You can use vinegar on cotton clothes. It is necessary to dilute a solution of water and 9% vinegar in a ratio of three to one in a container, dip a sponge in it and gently run this sponge over the T-shirt, periodically stretching the T-shirt in different directions ways to increase the size of a T-shirt. Then hang it up to dry and continue stretching from time to time. After a while – wash in a suitable mode.

The disadvantage of this method is a pungent vinegar smell. But it can be removed with fabric softener.

How to take care of your clothes so that they do not shrink after washing?

In order that the above problem does not bother you anymore, observe the following rules:

  1. carefully read the information on the item’s label. Some clothes can only be washed by hand;
  2. if washing in a washing machine is acceptable, then it is necessary to select the appropriate mode, water temperature and detergent;
  3. it is recommended to use water of the same temperature for washing and rinsing;
  4. dry things in natural conditions, without using various heaters and not placing in direct sunlight.

So, if you take care of your clothes in accordance with the above-written rules, it will stay in good condition for a long time.

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