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Why not a cat face mask at this masquerade? You all want to look like the most iconic figure of the whole party when it comes to the masquerade ball. And you should try your best that every eye should stay at you. But if you are still thinking of choosing the mask, just give one try to the cat mask. 

You are going to love it. It will make you look more unique and give you a look of sharp & real beauty of the ball. 

Cat Face Masks At Parties

The cat face masks look very elegant and unique, but you also have to choose the best one. You can even get the cat masks from online toys in Australia. But first, there is a question of why wearing a face mask. 

Face Mask At The Ball

We all are aware of masquerade balls. They are the legacy of our ancestors and still going on. We all wait for those balls. The masquerade ball is a party in which all the people wear formal clothing or costumes, and the face mask is compulsory on their face. The people dance and sing at these parties. You can say that they are highly formal parties and you have to look the best in them. 

History Of Mask Parties

The mask parties were a significant part of the 15th century. You can see now how old this trend is. The masks became common in Italy in the 16 century. These parties were for the upper class. As mentioned above, they used to dance there and have a lot of fun. Their event was known as Venetian Carnival. This was very special for them.

The trend of these masks came to an end with the fall of Venetian culture in the 18th century. But again, a trend of face masks was born in Europe. The trend peaked, and now the people wait a lot for these parties where they can wear masks.

Why Face Mask?

There was a game that is famous till now, “Guess the Guest”. In this game, you have to guess the identity of the guest. There are also so many fun factors about this mask. If you were never a part of it, you need to go to this party for once.

Conceals Identity

We wear a face mask to conceal our identity. Sometimes it is good to hide your identity and enjoy the evening where you know the majority of the people won’t even identify who you are?

Relief from Judgments

The best thing for the people to do at the parties is to judge the people. But you have covered your face; then no one will judge you. You can escape from the direct judgment of the people on your personality. Some people who like not to party often love the mask parties as they are afraid that someone might judge them in other parties. But if you do not reveal your identity in this one, then no one will judge you.

Why Cat Face Mask?

If you think that you are a cat lover, or you are the one who fancies something a bit different from traditional Colombian masks or full-faced covered Venetian character masks, why don’t you take a new look like Cat Masks? Gatto means cat in Italian, make for stunning masks that offer a playful elegance to your masquerade costume or any of the fancy dress outfits that will definitely make you stand out in the entire evening.

Shape Of Cat Masks

These masks are usually sculpted into a shape of the feline face, pointy ears and the nose that covers the eyes, nose and forehead, leaving the mouth only on the show. So can say that the cat face mask will perfectly conceal your identity and make you look elegant and the real beauty at the ball.

Colours Of Cat Mask

There is a lot of variety that you can buy from online toys in Australia shops that also have cat masks.

  • You can choose a plain and simple cat mask. 
  • You can also choose from the luxury collection.
  • The online shops also have masks that can go with the colour of your dress.
  • Or you can select glittery masks like gold silver; they also look very pretty.
  • You can also choose the colours like black, red that depends upon your dress.

Right Cat Mask For You

The mask is the one that goes perfectly with your dress. Some people like to wear masks that go exactly with their dress. While on the other hand, there are a lot of people that go in with the contrast. It’s up to you. But the right way is to keep your dress simple and elegant and get a cat face mask with it that is a bit fancy with laces and glitters. But it is what you like. Always does what you think will suit you? Remember, you are the maker of your personality. So embrace this fact beautifully.

Ribbon Mask Or Stick Mask

Always look for the nature of the ball you are attending. Then look at what is the thing you want to do. If you’re going to reveal your identity after some time, you need to go for the stick mask. But if you have to cover it for the whole party, the ribbon mask will be the best option for you. It is also your choice to make. So make it at the right time. 

Where To Buy?

You can buy cat masks that are elegant and beautiful easily from the online toys in Australia shops. But make sure to look for the one that has a beautiful collection of these masks so you can have the variety while buying.

So you should give a try the cat face mask for once. Make your personality stand out as you will look unique with this mask. Enjoy the party by becoming its centre of attraction.