What are customised business merchandise and why are they important?

Since the market is highly competitive, only innovative marketing can lead to business growth. However, how can customised business merchandising be ignored when talking about intelligent marketing? Customised merchandising is one of the most prominent marketing strategies currently. Most big brands utilise this strategy to scale their business at a high pace. 

New Zealand has approximately 562520 enterprises registered in February 2021, showing an increase of 0.5% from 2020. And it has an overall retail sector worth $92.3 billion. 

What is customised business merchandise?

Customised business merchandise uses products to spread brand awareness by printing the company’s logo or any other identity. The product used in the business merchandise strategy can be anything that is manufactured or bought in bulk by the company for promotion and gifting purposes. You can use anything from clothing items to stuffed toys, coffee mugs, accessories, and drinkware. 

Brand merchandising involves designing a unique logo and establishing the company’s brand identity. When companies give their customers these customised products as discounts or gifts, this marketing strategy is defined as promotional brand merchandising. 

Why is customised business merchandise important? 

Here listed are some points that will highlight the importance of customised business merchandise:

  • Builds brand awareness

When companies hand out branded merchandise, it is considered worthwhile only when the products given to the customers add value to their lives. Offering products you are sure your customers will use increases the value of your business. Whenever such customers see your company’s logo or brand name, they will be associated with the unique merchandise they received, further helping to build brand awareness. So, many businesses are now considering using Custom Gear NZ to attract more potential customers and increase their profitability significantly. 

  • Increased customer loyalty

According to a survey, more than 70% of customers in New Zealand are willing to buy a product from the company after receiving their brand merchandise as a gift. Handing out branded merchandise will make your customers feel valued and appreciated; thus, you will likely win more loyal customers.

  • It is a simple marketing model.

Unlike other online and offline marketing campaigns that require detailed research and a well-drafted plan to roll out, gifting promotional customised business merchandise is relatively simple. This model can be incorporated into the business by branding products your company already hands out as gifts, like notebooks, t-shirts, caps, etc. 

Some winning brand merchandise ideas

As per the forecast given by IBISWorld, the total value of merchandise trade is to be elevated by 5% in FY 2022-23, to reach around $147.32 billion. With so much potential, companies are always looking for some winning ideas for personalised merchandise. Some of the products that create brand awareness and are great for promotions are as follows: 

  • Sandwich bucket hats or caps

A hat or a cap is a popular way to protect one from the sun in New Zealand. You can either add your business logo or brand name or use a small design to create an attractive cap or hat for promoting your company. Since most people of all age groups use these items, it is a beneficial tool to promote your business. In New Zealand, the retail clothing market is worth $3 billion, making custom clothing items the ideal option for your brand merchandising program. 

  • Vacuum Cup and Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

Products considered perfect for personalisation and branding are drinkware, like vacuum cups and stainless steel sports bottles. When the customers use them at home, at work, or for travel, your brand’s visibility will increase. A company can incorporate its style into merchandise with its brand or logo in personalised cups and bottles or any other product people may use routinely. 

  • Laptop backpack

Nowadays, everyone in the business world carries a laptop. With flexible working schedules, sometimes they bring their laptops back and forth to the office and home. These customers mostly prefer branded merchandise they can use daily, and what can be better than customised laptop backpacks? 


Every business wants to expand, and customised business merchandise has emerged as one of the most straightforward marketing strategies to achieve these expansion goals. Every item with a renowned business logo is considered a branded product. The significance of this particular marketing strategy is that it helps companies spread brand awareness, promote their products, achieve customer loyalty, and increase profitability.