More people resort to natural remedies to heal their minds, body, and soul. There are numerous healing crystals with healing properties. Many cultures believed that they stimulate positive energy in a person’s body and flush out negativity. 

It allows people to become more emotionally stable and many believe in their power. There are many crystal shops online selling them. 

Research suggests that healing crystals have a placebo effect on their users. However, ongoing studies show that some users have recommended positive and productive results after using healing stones. These stones are a concoction of a variety of compounds that hold energy. 

It is believed that the body exchanges power with the healing stones. Apart from healing humans, these stones are also used in watches, plugs, razors, and hospital gadgets. These magnificent stones keep the mind and body in check and prevent burnout. A crystal shop houses multitudinous stones, contingent on the person’s preference. 


  1. Clear quartz 

Clear quartz is a beautiful clear stone that comes in numerous colors. It helps restore mental clarity during meditation. People using it feel more creative and energized to implement their goals. They use it in tandem with other stones to fortify its potency and allow people to look at life in a different light. 

  • Jasper 

Jasper is highly common among jewelry designs and is a semi-precious, opaque stone. It hails from the mineral family of Chalcedony and is available in numerous sizes and colors. It is primarily known for strengthening people emotionally and mentally and amplifying their spiritual awareness. 

People who combat stress in daily life must incorporate Jasper into their lives. Its spiritual properties allow people to see it as a supreme nurturer and help people attain peace in life. It radiates positivity among the most tumultuous times. 

  • Obsidian 

Obsidian is a black stone with a luminous surface. The word translates to a high absorption capacity. Hence, it has its roots in the spiritual world. If you find yourself constantly immersed in negative thoughts, black obsidian is the stone for you. 

It comes directly from the volcano and possesses immense power. Try this stone if leaving a toxic partner or habit is becoming impossible for you. The properties of the stone allow you to regroup and gain a new perspective on life. 

  • Amethyst 

Amethyst is a purple stone and has healing properties. It is used by practitioners and reiki healers. Historical facts present that a Titan called Rhea imparted the Amethyst stone to Dionysus, the God of wine allowing him to maintain his sanity and get his family back. 

The stone is said to bring peace to one’s life, allowing one to make sound decisions. It reduces anxiety and promotes zen. The stone can either be carried in one’s bed or worn as an ornament. 

  • Bloodstone 

Bloodstone is a green stone and has powers that cleanse one’s blood. People feel more creative while using this stone and are more intuitive. It keeps them grounded and protected. The stone helps shirk negative energy and overcome stress. 

It revitalizes the person and gives them the will to handle difficult situations with utmost grace. It also has numerous health benefits because it amplifies blood circulation. Anemia sufferers can seek the benefit of this stone.