What Are The Advantages Of a Foreign Currency Account?

A foreign currency account has a non-home currency transaction account that is maintained by a home country bank (onshore) or a bank in another country (offshore). In general, foreign currency accounts are not covered under domestic deposit insurance schemes. The company and personal needs can use a foreign currency account. Your balance may even earn you interest, depending on your account.

You can deposit and collect funds from your foreign currency account at a branch or online by an international bank such as Mashreq Bank. Some offer only large currencies, such as dollars, pounds, and yen, to withdraw.

How Does Foreign Currency Bank Account Works?

Generally, your typical bank account converts money for foreign currency transactions. However, you can send and receive money in multiple currencies via a foreign currency bank account. By avoiding high conversion fees, you save time with a streamlined transaction and money. And you don’t have to worry about the fluctuations in the short-term currency which affect your balance.

Benefits of A foreign Currency Bank Account

There are many advantages a foreign currency bank account offers.

Hold Different Currency

Consumers can send and receive money in any foreign currency. When dealing with minor or exotic foreign currencies, look at specialists who take a more general range of less common transactions on international money transfer services.

Income Tax Relaxation

Income tax was not levied on deposits in the foreign currency bank account. You will then collect advertising checks, deposit them to your foreign currency bank account and pay no fee.

High-Interest Rate

Selected currencies are paid by several foreign-currency accounts. Usually, interest rates are sold at prices of higher levels.

Waive Maintenance

Some institutions can waive maintenance and other charges on your foreign currency bank account, depending on your business.


Many banks encourage you to briefly deficit those foreign currencies if you’re unaware of how long your foreign currency payments are made. You could be on the hook for fines, however.

Mashreq Bank Foreign Currency Bank Account

Open Mashreq Online accounts of foreign currency immediately and for free!

Many of our clients were expatriates and we felt that it would be very welcome to provide them with a hassle-free foreign money solution. We did our utmost to avoid traveling to your branch and to encourage you, instantaneously – thanks to the ease of Mashreq Online, to open foreign currency accounts (EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, JPY, SAR, QAR, NZD). It takes a second for our system to open the account in your preferred currencies. No need to delay, no fees would apply.

You will use this account to pay money and from overseas as the IBAN would already be available in the Account Information tab when you establish a new international account.

How To Open Foreign Currency Bank Account

Try it now to get your money transfers streamlined. The prices are changed twice an hour to best suit the currency market fact.

  1. Sign up online Mashreq
  2. Click on account
  3. Tap on the Foreign Currency Account

Mashreq Bank Trading Account 

Involved and competitive position is the capital exchange. Your phone’s still a good thing. The bank of Mashreq provides a wide variety of items, from low-risk savings to high-return investing that suits your appetite for risk. And everything is now available in your hand palm and open.

How To Open Trading Account Online?

In case you want to know how to open trading account online, here we are. In this section, we are going to discuss how to open trading account online in Mashreq.

  • Opening Application for Mashreq Securities Trading Account
  • Copy of the passport
  • Initial ID, to search by any approved personnel (passport copy, driving license, or work card).
  • Khula’i-Qaeda (for UAE Nationals Only)
  • Present, stored, or corporate account number of Mashreq account (Optional)
  • DFM &/or ADX Investor Number

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