What Are The Best Eyelash Extensions On The Market?


When asking what are the best eyelash extensions on the market? The answer you get may vary according to who you ask. Everyone has an opinion and an answer. But, opinions are not facts. As facts don’t really exist when it comes to beauty, opinions are therefore all we have.

However, when it comes to information on the internet, knowing which opinion to trust can be the issue; we are always told to check the source. But what if the source has a big, trusted name and yet is only the work and opinions of one person? What if someone is being paid to recommend a brand or service?

The best advice for finding the best eyelash extensions on the market is to search the internet. And search it well. Look at a variety of different suggestions as to what the best products are. Look for reviews and testimonies. Seek the advice and insights of professionals. Knowing which eyelashes are good isn’t the same as knowing which eyelashes are good for you.

You will find a variety of ideas for lash extension lists online. As you know eyelash extensions can be made out of mink or other animal fur or from man-made synthetic material.

What A List Of The Best Eyelash Extensions On The Market Doesn’t Tell You

While those lists are great at giving us an idea of the individual products out there, they practically ignore one large factor: eyelash application. Getting the best eyelashes in terms of looks and cost is the easy part. Applying those eyelashes well without accident or injury in a manner that makes them look fantastic requires a certain skill.

This is where a professional steps in. Eyelash extensions should only be applied by a certified lash technician who’s undergone training for this procedure.

The Benefits Of A Professional

When it comes to choosing the best semi-permanent eyelash extensions on the market, one person who would have a solid idea of the contenders is an eyelash specialist—someone who works with them on a daily basis. Someone who sees beyond the marketing and packaging into the heart of a product. With them, products have been personally tried and tested. If they don’t work, they get left behind.

“You’ll find that eyelash specialists, the excellent ones, only have the current best range of eyelash extensions available, said Janette Vince of award-winning specialist company eyelash extensions London celebrity clinic. “While ultimately getting lash extensions is about the final look, we also realize that other considerations, like whether the mink often used is ethically sourced, which ours is, also come into play.”

“We use these products day in and day out,” she added. A product must meet our standards of professional ability to get used. “Even before it gets anywhere near a customer, we have it tested and reviewed.”

The Eyelash Extension Choice Is Yours

You’ve tried to find the best eyelash extensions on the market, and you have found quite a few. The usual brand names are up there, as are a few notable recommended others.

It is up to you whether you want to put those eyelashes on yourself or get a trained professional to do it. The advice is always to get a professional to do it. It makes sense.

If you must soldier on alone, at least now you are armed with the right knowledge that may help you make the right choice about the best eyelash extension for you.