What are the Common Injuries Reported in Car Accidents in Fort Wayne?

Car accidents happen every day and all over the country. It is helpful to know what injuries are commonly reported in these accidents as well as what preventative measures can be taken to prepare oneself for an accident if you are a daily commuter on the roads of Fort Wayne.

 Despite the type and extent of injuries caused in a car accident, it is essential to speak to a car accident lawyer for protecting your rights and determining if you are eligible for compensation. You can learn more about how much compensation you are eligible for by speaking to a car accident lawyer.

We will now see into the common injuries reported in car accidents in Fort Wayne.

Head injuries are among the most common injuries reported in car accidents. These can be minor head injuries or in rare cases, such as when a victim suffers from a skull fracture, it can also be life-threatening. In fact, head injuries are even more dangerous when no seat belts are worn. According to doctors, in the case of head injuries, it is important to get treated on time so that the injuries do not risk your life. 

Spinal cord injuries are also common in car accidents. In fact, a study was conducted and found that 25 percent of all severe spinal cord injuries were caused by car accidents. The spinal cord literally serves as the link between the brain and the rest of your body, so even a slight injury to this vulnerable part of your body can cause you lifelong complications, such as paralysis.

Whiplashes can cause a lot of pain even if they are not as serious as the other two injuries discussed above. They are mostly reported in car accidents because of the jerking motion that happens when the car collides with something or is pushed into something. 

Fractures are also very common in car accidents. In fact, when a vehicle suddenly stops, the passengers continue to move forward at their original velocity, and so the passengers collide with each other or the frame of the car. And oftentimes, fractures occur in the wrist, ankle, fingers, and toes, which can make it difficult for a victim to walk or even use their limbs.

Cuts and bruises are also common in car accidents. This is because car accidents cause your body parts to collide with hard objects inside or outside the car. It can lead to skin tears and bruises.