What are the Desirable Features of Web Hosting in 2022?

Why is Web Hosting Important for a Business?

Web hosting Features – In your business, web hosting services have a crucial role in digital marketing. Helpful extensive feature-rich environment review of low priced cpanel web hosting plans. As the geological boundaries and time changes, the trends and marketing strategies also vary.

Web hosting is an innovative marketing tool that encompasses complete business solutions for branding. Especially if your business is internet-oriented, you will hire Web hosting services to reach your audience.

In this era of digitalization and globalization, you need to host your website and publish your content to make it accessible. Web hosting services have expanded from small businesses to large cooperates in Pakistan and from physical stores to online businesses. Local or international brands, all tend to reach their potential customers through web hosting and digital marketing.

Web hosting in Pakistan

Picking an efficient web hosting company in Pakistan is a little hassle due to the growing field of interest. People get confused while choosing one because not all web hosting companies facilitate the same level of excellence. There still exist companies that deliver the most looked-for traits of web hosting in Pakistan.

Desirable Features of Web hosting in Pakistan as of 2022

Marketing and sales of any brand fundamentally depend upon the service quality of web hosting companies. Due to fast technological progression, some features of Web hosting are essential to rank in the list of the top web hosting companies in Pakistan. Now, we will discuss the mandatory qualities of a web hosting company.

Accessible disk space and Bandwidth

The foremost trait of a web hosting company is the amount of storage it offers you. Your website data, including images, and files, will be stored in this disk space. A few GBs are enough for a small-to-medium business, whereas it may be a concern for large corporates.

However, bandwidth refers to the allowable traffic for the website. Some companies offer unlimited bandwidth, and some put limitations and charge accordingly. So it is mandatory to provide good bandwidth and data storage capacity to customers for their satisfaction.

Website Design & FTP

Web hosting companies offer website development with professional content writing and developer team. The newly established brand requires its website on a template or available format by only putting its content.

Moreover, FTP –File Transfer Protocol is a mandatory tool that transfers your files from your computer systems to the web hosting servers or vice versa. Now it is a required characteristic for web hosting to provide 24/7 FTP access to its clients.

E-commerce and Email Hosting Competency

Web hosting companies these days require to provide email hosting services for your website’s primary email. The best company supports the email hosting and e-commerce features of web hosting with an integrated email account for your domain and subdomains. Email is an operative source in digital marketing, so the email interface is also a concern. The web hosting plan should be able to handle bulk emails.

Furthermore, today for e-commerce websites, anticipated features for web hosting are SSL Certification, Dedicated IP, and one-click shopping cart software.  

Uptime Score, Server Reliability and Security

Top hosting companies in Pakistan, facilitate their clients with a durable server and the highest uptime score of 99.5%. That leads to the best possible viewership and sales on e-commerce websites. The web hosting company facilitates high ranking for search engines like GOOGLE with good servers.

Likewise, server reliability and security ensure customer contentment and satisfaction. No brand would ever like if its sensitive data breaches.

So, the need of the hour web hosting company deals with a steadfast and secure server parallel to the highest uptime.

Website backup convenience

These days, a cyber threat like Ransomware is not limited to financial websites but also targets all-purpose websites. It may result in the destruction or replacement of your site index.php files. Not only this, but it can also damage the server’s local or hard disk. In this case, web hosting companies must provide backup regularly.


Since ever, brands entail for a cost-effective solution for their marketing, and digital marketing via web hosting is one of those. Initially, it was not as cheap as of now. Nominal registration and maintenance cost is other necessary features of web hosting to keep a Affordable Housing Developer company in the limelight. Somehow, renewal charges are more than double the registration cost.

So, hosting companies providing cheap shared Web hosting services are preferable, specifically, which can provide dedicated or VPS hosting for your grown business.

Customer Services

For a customer, technical assistance is one of the most wanted peculiarities for web hosting. It affects customer satisfaction that how speedy and effectively a company technically supports them. 

Top Web hosting companies in Pakistan with an in-house customer support department provide 24/7 customer service. They have a better grasp of company operations than outsourced customer services.


Prerequisite features of Web hosting include all the best possible traits which satisfy the client and help in business growth. Top web hosting companies such as NAVICOSOFT is one of the finest web hosting agency in Pakistan. It ranks on the top with a GOOGLE rating of 4.7 for its excellent services, facilities, and customer support.