What Are The Top Subscription Boxes In 2022 Every Guy Will Use? 

Exploring the outdoors can be a great hobby. However, getting outside requires gear. It’s no surprise that outdoor camping gear sales continue to surge. Outdoor subscription boxes take the pain out of having to shop for outdoor gear so you can spend more time on your adventures. As a result, these subscription services have become essential for guys who love nature, backpacking, hiking, and experiencing the outdoors.  

Here are the top outdoor subscription boxes every guy will use: 


Subscribers to BattlBox receive a box monthly that will feature an assortment of tactical, survival, and camping gear. One aspect that has earned BattlBox praise from subscribers is that the products are usable. These are items you can carry, use, and add to your emergency stash. They are helpful for your everyday and your special tactical gear for the outdoors. These tactical items in this outdoor adventure subscription box are sure to come in handy.  

BattlBox is one of the top subscription boxes for survival for men who like to spend most of their time exploring the outdoors. The military and “prepper” demographics form a large part of BattlBox’s customer base. However, the products are varied to speak to all types of adventurers.  

BattlBox has four subscription levels:  

  • Basic ($30 monthly): This is for a beginner who’s just starting to learn about outdoor and survival tactics. The box contains 3-7 handpicked camping gear and unique items that will kindle your interest in the outdoors. This includes manuals, outdoor equipment, emergency supplies, and survival tools. 
  • Advanced ($60 monthly): This is for the gear junkie who likes collecting essential outdoor gear like cookware and fire starters. With this box, you can create a collection of outdoor supplies over time. You get 4-10 handpicked items such as camping equipment, EDC gear, hiking essentials, etc.  
  • Pro ($100 monthly): The coolest survival gear for professional outdoors people. If you’re working in the field or a core survivalist, Battlbox Pro helps you expand your inventory. You get 6-11 items, including two top-tier products like backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and even watches.  
  • Pro Plus ($150; monthly): Guarantees an assortment of knives and other survival gear. This is your best bet if you’re starting a knife collection or want to create a top-of-the-line gear collection. The box includes reputable gear brands like TOPS, Spyderco, Kershaw, CRKT, Bastion, and Gerber.  

Crate Club

Crate Club is a tactical subscription box service created by survival experts who curate the best tactical and military-grade gear for hardcore adventurers. This outdoor box subscription service has built a reputation for shipping industry-standard gear from top brands like Vertx. Many of the items you can expect to get are what special ops and other military personnel use in day-to-day operations. They are also perfect as part of your home emergency kit.  

Some featured brands include Vertx accessories, Gerber knives, Triad flashlights, and exclusive Crate branded gear. The content and value of items delivered to you monthly will depend on which of the four plans you choose, including: 

Lieutenant: This is the most affordable plan. It brings you beginner level tactical gear at $49.99 monthly. This box content includes fire starters, self-defense tools, EDC Gear and more.  

Captain: This is a mix of tactical and survival level gear for those who want something extra in your box for everyday use. At $99.99 monthly, subscribers get medical kits, outdoor essentials, survival gear, EDC packs, and self-defense gear to prepare you for any surprises you might encounter during your adventures.   

General: This hardcore level box plan is for survival guys who want to receive some of the best professional-level tactical gear. You get premium-quality items delivered quarterly at $399.99. This includes custom bullet-proof bag inserts, binoculars, survival and EDC tools and tactical self-defense tools for the most hardened survivalists. 


The Cairn subscription box is ideal for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Subscribers receive a package of a carefully curated selection of items and treats for hikers at $34.99 monthly. Cairn offers products from different categories: 

Apparel: Gloves, Beanies, hiking socks 

Gear: Flashlights, cookware, hydration, headlamps, water bottle 

Skincare: lips balms, sunscreen, insect repellers 

Food: Drink mixes, energy bars, snacks 

Emergency: Firestarters, First aid kit 

Cairn subscription box ensures you have everything for recreational activities at different seasons. These included gear for climbing, hiking, camping, and snowshoeing.  

Hiker Crate

As the name suggests, Hiker Crate is geared towards hikers. You get 5-8 items for your next outdoor adventure delivered monthly. The box typically includes 2 to 3 gear items and 3-6 healthy hiking snacks every month. Hikers and outdoor buffs of all skill levels will find the items in Hiker Crate useful. The company aims to “fuel your outdoor adventures every month” by delivering some of the best camping meals, beef jerky, fruit leather, dehydrated meals, trail bars, trail mixes, and other tasty treats.  

Through Hiker Crate only offers one subscription level, you can save money depending on how many months you pay for: 

  • 1 month – $35 monthly 
  • 3 months – $43 monthly 
  • 6 months – $32.33 monthly 
  • 12 months – $30 monthly 

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In Conclusion  

Whether you’re looking to start a collection of premium outdoor gear or you want a box tailored to your monthly adventures, these subscription boxes make sense. You might even discover new items you never knew you needed or score discounts on premium outdoor gear you’ve always wanted.