What are the Training Requirements of a Security Guard Officer?

A security guard is a security officer employed by either government or a private party for taking care of their assets like property, money, and people. They protect from a variety of hazards such as damaged property, unsafe working behavior, and criminal activity such as theft. There are different levels of a security guard, some are protected persons and property from unlawful activities. Some are responsible for reporting unlawful and unauthorized activities. Some are responsible for installing the security system alarms and street patrol service. Guards undergo training before they are appointed and after their appointment, they get their license. 

The training of a security guard:

The first step of becoming a security guard is to get certified and one can only get certified if they have taken the training course. The training course is offered six days a week in which quality instruction is given and recruiting relationships with the leading security firms are established. The course is not only theoretical but the licensed guards engage with students by giving real-life experiences. Useful tips on how to succeed in the security guard industry are given. 

Usually, security guards are required to complete an 8-hour pre-assignment training course before they can apply for the security guard registration card. In addition to it, a 16-hour on-the-job training course is also necessary within the 90 days of initial employment as a security guard. For the security guards to be armed, they must have a license and a 47-hour firearms training course. 

Different industry segments served by the security guards:

Corporate Protection:

In the developed companies, corporate protection plays an important role. In developed countries, millions of square feet have been covered by the office space. With an increase in offices, there is an increase in visitors and tenants within the building. Such types of situations require extra protection and the presence of guards in such places becomes necessary. Even if you have a single business occupancy or you run a corporate headquarters, your security is necessary. Security guards will take care of the security themselves so that you can run your business peacefully. 

Government Agencies:

The government agencies employ thousands of people. Security of all these people, offices, buildings and infrastructure is necessary in order for the government to run smoothly. However, the security guard services in London are responsible for providing complete security evaluation of your nearby surroundings, integrated electronic surveillance, alarm systems, and lobby security. They also provide licensed professionals which are trained to watch, guard and protect your agency. 

Retail Stores:

Every luxury hotel, mall, or even a single front store requires a security guard for protecting its property. Retail security guards work undercover and spot the shoplifters by the use of technology such as CCTV Cameras, surveillance cameras, etc. They make sure that the entire area is protected so that the chances of shoplifting are significantly reduced. Though, finding a reliable and trustworthy security officer for your retail store is also a difficult and valuable task. 

Construction Site Protection:

Construction sites are at a high risk of thefts and burglaries taking place. Therefore, efficient security for developers and crews is very important. The security officers will work to keep your job site safe whilst reducing the opportunities for break-ins and theft.  The trained guards and the surveillance will help in reducing any physical or financial loss at your construction site. 

Armed Security Guard Training:

The training of armed security guards is more extensive and important. Their training involves more hours of course work, more extensive background checks, and consequently more fees to cover all these processes. However, this is a great investment as the job opportunities of armed security guards are more and they also pay better. Basically, armed security guard training teaches you how to carry weapons on the job. Gun safety, self-defense tactics both with and without a gun will be taught during the training process. 

This is necessary because a security guard can face different types of problems on duty. People with little or no previous experience with firearms will be given proper training at a shooting range in order for them to become familiar with the weapons. In the training, a person is prepared for working as a security officer whilst carrying a firearm.  Lastly, an armed security guard is taught all the laws and regulations of carrying a weapon on the job. These laws are the most important part of a training if you wish to work as an armed security guard. After the training is completed, the guards are provided with a license and then they are free to find any armed security job.