What causes an auto battery to overheat?

As Nevada’s temperatures soar into the triple digits, many motorists may have to deal with a common problem: a dead car battery. In Henderson, it might feel like your hands are on fire when you touch the steering wheel of a car, which is exactly what happens to the vehicle’s exterior. According to authorities in Nevada, there have been several car fires. Car fires started in the batteries, running gear, or wheels in more than 60% of all highway crashes and 35% of fatalities. The most prevalent reasons for overheating auto batteries in Henderson, NV, are examined in this article.

Defective voltage regulator or alternator

When your car’s battery needs to be recharged, it relies on the alternator. Your alternator may be malfunctioning, causing the battery to overheat and bulge as a result. Arrange a meeting with a professional right away if you have any suspicions that your alternator is malfunctioning. Damage to your car’s expensive electrical components can occur if your alternator is malfunctioning while you’re driving. A dead battery might be caused by an alternator that has failed.

On the other hand, a steady supply of electricity to the battery is guaranteed by the voltage regulator. The alternator may overload the battery if this part is missing. Overcharging can eventually produce excess heat, leading to the battery’s electrolyte solution boiling.

The Battery Is Too Weak

A hot battery can sometimes be just a hot battery. On the other hand, a heated battery can be an indication of a malfunctioning battery. The alternator will have to work more to keep the auto battery charged if the battery is nearing the end of its life. The battery may overheat as a result of this frequent charging. Sitting next to a hot engine makes it even worse.

You’ll know right away if this is the scenario since your battery indicator will flash. The dangers of an overheating battery are clear to everyone near the vehicle. Batteries can explode if the electrolyte solution boils, leading to a cloud of battery acid.

However, it’s a good idea to have the whole charging system checked out by a trained mechanic before replacing a faulty battery. You may perform a simple test on your own by looking for corrosion on the battery terminals. As a result of corrosion accumulation, you’ll notice an abundance of blue, white, or green powder. Is it possible to overheat the battery in an electric car? Yes. However, this is a lot less plausible.


An internal short and an exterior short are the two short circuits that a battery might undergo. Traditional flooded batteries have two lead plates (positive and negative) immersed in an electrolyte solution in each cell. Overheating can cause the separators to melt, resulting in a short circuit in these two plates if they come into contact.

As a result, many newer cars come with standard AGM batteries because of their superiority over the preceding version of flooded or “wet cell” batteries. Shock and vibration are less damaging to AGM batteries, and shorts are less likely to occur as a result. Between the lead plates in these batteries is a fiberglass pad that prevents an internal short.

If a shorted battery continues to short, it can cause an explosion. Even if the battery is going to explode, the cells often will break apart first, thus eliminating the battery. When the battery electrodes come into contact with a piece of metal, an external short occurs. It is unlikely to happen, but you should use caution when working on the connections with metal instruments. An external short can cause the battery to overheat and explode. Always detach the negative connection before working on the battery to avoid inflicting any possible damage to the battery or yourself.

Auto batteries in Henderson, NV, can overheat even when you take proper care of them. This is because of a defective radiator cap, radiator fan, or serpentine belt. If your battery is overheating, the safest thing to do is call a repair and have them replace the battery as soon as possible.

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