What do Coworking Spaces Offer? X Features you didn’t know about Coworking Spaces

Coworking space is a workspace for some people and home to many startups. It is a place where people work freely on their projects. Coworking space is an excellent example of this shift from conventional workspaces because people are now willing to share an office and work in the same environment with freelancers or employees from other companies, backgrounds and cultures.  

It is estimated that more than one million people are working from shared office space, and this trend continues to grow. The coworking phenomenon is driven by best-in-class amenities at a lower cost. 

If you have been at the fence about working out of a coworking space, here are some features and amenities that will help you make up your mind: 

Features/ Facilities Offered by Coworking Space

  1. Meeting Rooms and Event Space

The coworking space comes with separate meeting rooms, private offices and event spaces. The well-equipped meeting rooms with high end AV conferencing equipment and monitors, high speed Wi-Fi along with 24×7 power backup give you the freedom to discuss with clients and employees.   

  • Community Networking Events

Another important feature of coworking space, that you never get in working from home, is networking opportunities. Sometimes the employees don’t have enough time to interact with each other, so a coworking space is the best approach. You are surrounded by many talented people and will have a great chance to connect with them. 

The vibrant and engaging community will automatically help you grow your network. So, finding an ideal office space for rent that matches your working style and preferences is crucial. 

  • Private Phone Booth

Many coworking spaces have private phone booths for businesses reliant on taking many calls and attending virtual meetings. We all know the importance of personal calls and virtual meetings during this COVID pandemic. Also, when your company’s branch offices are spread across the country or cities, or even world over, then a reliable virtual setup becomes even more important. This is a great feature that you can find in a serviced office that has the right soundproofing.

  • Snacks, Water, Coffee and Tea

Employees need snacks, water, coffee, and tea during their working hours. Coworking spaces offer unlimited access to these items to attract entrepreneurs. Many coworking spaces offer access to the pantry, including the oven, microwave, dishes, and other essentials.

  • Dedicated Workspace

You can work in a focused and productive environment in a dedicated coworking space. You can find office space at prime business hubs. Many options are available, including private offices, shared desks, open/flex spaces, and dedicated desks in a coworking space.

  • Access to Office Supplies

You are responsible for handling mails and changing printer ink when working remotely. You don’t need to do this in a coworking space. You can find a coworking space that offers free or minimal cost in office supplies such as paper, pens, scanners, copying capabilities, high-speed Wi-Fi, storage, and lending libraries.

  • Managed Office

You can retain your brand identity in a fully serviced and managed office space. In such an office space within the coworking space you can have separate pantry, washroom, reception and meeting rooms which only you and your employees or guests can access. 

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