What do you do when scrapping a car?

To scrap a car, the most recently issued registration certificate part 2 from the Swedish Transport Agency is needed. If the car owner does not leave the car to the scrap yard himself but uses a representative, a power of attorney must also be submitted. Only authorized car assemblers may take care of used cars. Car scraps Skrot bil that are authorized by the County Administrative Board have an annual inspection from environmental inspectors that ensures that environmentally sound handling and deregistration is carried out.

Passenger cars that are considered discarded are directly harmful before being dumped on all toxic substances. Discarded vehicles contain everything from environmentally hazardous oils, batteries and electronics to heavy metals such as mercury and lead. Used cars have several hazardous raw materials and several varieties of raw materials, while high goals for recycling must be met. All in all, this places great demands on both the scrap companies and the car manufacturers, who will take care of the end-of-life car.

Passenger cars that are untamed may not be driven on state roads. Only salvage is allowed. Vehicles that are environmentally hazardous must be recycled by an approved car scrap yard. Only one of these holds the right to deregister with the Swedish Transport Agency. In accordance with statutes from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, it is the vehicle owner’s duty to ensure that it is scrapped and removed from the car register.

The producer responsibility for end-of-life vehicles means that the car manufacturer or importer is obliged to scrap the car free of charge . They must also ensure that raw materials and parts from the car are reused or recycled. But it is always the car owner’s obligation to ensure that the car ends up in a car wreck in 3skrotpriser.dk it is obsolete. 

In accordance with environmental laws, it is not permitted to have end-of-life cars, which in the near future can rust and leak out environmentally hazardous matter that infects our environment. All emissions of toxic oils from cars Skrotpriser, regardless of volume and reason, are a crime under the Environmental Code. Anyone who intentionally infects land, watercourses or the air that entails or can lead to health risks to people or cause damage to our nature can be prosecuted for violating the law against the climate. 

the car scrapping fund was wound up and thus the state scrap premium for end-of-life cars ceased to be paid. The compensation they received for deregistering scrap cars was based on scrapping fees that all new car buyers had to pay. The system was replaced by producer responsibility and this means that car manufacturers must bear the cost of scrapping. Car owners can scrap the car for free if the vehicle is complete when you hire one of the producers’ reception points / car scrap yards. But there is a car wreck in 3skrotpriser.dk pays really well for your scrap car, even better than the former state scrap premium. This is because the value from end-of-life cars has grown and recycling has become much more efficient. You get more money for your scrap car now without there being any scrapping fee as a subsidy.

We are a registered car salvage company, Skrotpræmie, which in addition to car salvage picks up scrap cars for car scrapping. The car scrap is authorized and is part of the recycling process where the state requirement is at least 95% reuse. The company has two employees who, in addition to the owner, handle the daily services with flatbed haulers and a car transport.

The goal of passenger car salvage is to always be able to offer the service at competitive fixed prices. The company picks up scrap cars that the owner cannot transport to the scrap yard himself. As security, the company has taken out special liability insurance and has a permit from the County Administrative Board to transport scrap cars, which are classified as hazardous waste and which must therefore comply with statutory requirements.

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