What could be better in inclement weather than a soft and cozy sweatshirt that keeps you warm and makes you feel calm and relaxed. Despite the fact that this wardrobe item appeared in everyday life in the middle of the last century, not every fashionista knows what a sweatshirt is and how to wear it correctly.

So it is customary to call a loose-fitting sweater made in a semi-sports or casual style. Both boys and girls wear it, because a sweatshirt is a completely universal thing. Women’s sweatshirts often complement relaxed city sets, are used for sports activities and even fit into not too strict office looks “and. Girls often wear them for a walk, shopping and a romantic date.

History of creation

The sweater so popular today owes its appearance to the son of the owner of a small textile factory, Ben Russell. Once he complained to his father that he felt discomfort during football training, because it was not only inconvenient to train in a woolen uniform, but also very hot.

The very name “sweatshirt” literally translates as “sweat shirt” and consists of two English words: shirt – shirt and sweat – sweat. It was this meaning that Russell’s company invested in, sewing new products from soft dense cotton for the team of the owner’s son. Establishing the mass production of sweatshirts in the future, Russell had no doubts about success, because the underwear for young ladies, sewn from such a fabric, was quite popular on the market.

The sweatshirt gained worldwide recognition in 1963, when the US team, dressed in such tracksuits , appeared at the Olympic Games in Berlin. Sweatshirts are still the favorite clothing of athletes and students, especially American ones, for which they have successfully replaced traditional shirts and jumpers with the logo of educational institutions.

Product Features

There are five main features that distinguish a sweatshirt from other types of products for a similar purpose:

  • The absence of a hood, pockets, zippers and generally fasteners of any type. Raglan sleeves. In the original version, the cut was just such that it gave the athletes greater freedom of movement. Modern sweatshirts often have regular sleeves, sometimes lowered.
  • Round neckline with triangular insert underneath. The latter was originally sewn from hygroscopic fabric and was intended to absorb sweat. Today it is more of a nostalgic decorative element.
  • Elastic band on the collar, waistband and cuffs, although this element is not always present in modern designer models.
  • Hygroscopic fabric – sweatshirts for spring-autumn are made of footer or thick cotton jersey. Insulated sweatshirts in most cases are sewn from fleece fabric.

Not all of them are relevant today, because modern sweatshirts have a much more diverse design.

What to wear: combination options

combination options

A sweatshirt is such a versatile piece of clothing that it is easy to use it to create almost any look. Choose fashionable combinations to your liking and feel comfortable and relaxed in any outfit:

  • Trousers. This is a win-win option, especially when it comes to skinny leather or classic cut black pants. Such models are suitable for a sweatshirt of any color. To create a discreet outfit, give preference to monochrome options, a bold youthful look will be supported by bright sweatshirts or print models.
  • Jeans. This combination is generally unbeatable. Skinny jeans or trendy this season boyfriends with collars, decorated with designer cuts and scuffs, look best. It is easy to complement such a set with both ballet flats and high-heeled shoes.
  • Skirts. Paired with such a detail of the wardrobe, the sweatshirt also looks great. A long skirt complete with it looks feminine and creative. A pencil skirt combined with a not too voluminous sweatshirt is suitable for creating an office set, and a short puffy retro model is good for a party or friendly gatherings.
  • Shorts. Depending on the model of the bottom, it is easy to create both a casual and a festive look. Solid denim or cotton shorts combined with a sweatshirt are good for every day, while leather or lace options are for a party.
  • If you want to look different every day, you should definitely buy a sweatshirt. The female image will be the way you want – it all depends on the skillful combination of this wardrobe detail with other things.
  • Using the Glem online catalog, you will quickly select the right version of a sweatshirt for going out or for every day. We offer wholesale women’s clothing from the manufacturer , so it is profitable to buy several models at once. Happy shopping!


Analyzing the designer collections of recent seasons, it is not difficult to understand what is best to wear a sweatshirt with. It looks great with trousers, jeans, shorts and skirts. Thanks to the variety of colors, ornaments and prints, you can come up with a unique and fashionable outfit that will be practical and comfortable at the same time. After all, the jacket was originally designed for sports, so it provides freedom of movement and is made of soft, body-friendly jersey.

Sweatshirt features

Sweatshirt features

The sweatshirt appeared as an element of a tracksuit in the first half of the last century. He quickly gained popularity not only among athletes, but also among the youth, in particular among students. And from colleges he gradually moved to the catwalks and wardrobes of fashionable, self-confident women.

The characteristic features of the sweatshirt are:

  • the absence of any buttons, ties, zippers;
  • round neckline;
  • elastic band or its imitation on the collar, belt and cuffs;
  • raglan sleeves;
  • free cut;
  • material – fabric with fleece.

Not always a modern women’s sweatshirt meets all these criteria, but the free silhouette and round neck remain unchanged.

What is usually worn with a sweatshirt

wear with sweatshirt 

The best option is a combination with classic or tight trousers. Match them with a jacket in soothing colors without bright trim – and the office outfit is ready. Especially if you complement it with an elongated shirt, the floors of which will be visible from below.

A gray sweatshirt, a white or striped shirt and black trousers will just look great. So you will look quite business-like, but feel free and relaxed.

For a walk or meeting with friends, the traditional option is suitable – with jeans. But if you want to attract attention, use a super trendy combination – boyfriend jeans and a cropped women’s sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts with shorts, including leather ones, look interesting and stylish. So you can demonstrate not only slender legs, but also knowledge of the latest trends in the fashion world.

Unusual and stylish

sports sweater sweatshirt

Despite the fact that the sweatshirt is a sports sweater, it can be safely worn with a skirt, and of any length. If you want to create a romantic and airy look, put on a light maxi skirt and a white or other light-colored sweatshirt. Midi skirts in combination with such a jacket are an acceptable option for work.

A loose sweatshirt with a tight pencil skirt looks especially advantageous. Add a knitted or fur vest on top for an elegant casual ensemble.

Increasingly, the attention of stylists is attracted by a black sweatshirt. Solid color – perfect for any casual outfit. Decorated with a bright print or contrasting lettering, combined with a short skirt or lace shorts, it is a great option for going to a nightclub or party.

A little about shoes

To complete the image of completeness, you need to choose the right shoes. If your goal is to look feminine and elegant, choose shoes with heels. Ballet flats are also suitable for a long skirt. For street and sporty style, shoes or wedges or sneakers are optimal. A well-chosen sweatshirt will be appropriate in any combination.

There is no doubt that such a practical and fashionable piece of clothing as a sweatshirt will become an adornment of your wardrobe. With it, you can create bold and original images, while enjoying freedom and comfort.



Following modern fashion trends, it is easy to find many clothing options for girls who prefer a practical sports style. What inexperienced Soviet women called jackets and sweaters, today has turned into trendy sweatshirts, long sleeves, hoodies and sweatshirts. Most fashionistas do not really understand how a sweatshirt differs from a hoodie, but simply try to diversify their wardrobe with stylish and comfortable things. But we offer a closer look at these subjects and understand what the fundamental differences are.

Why separate concepts

Women’s sweaters – a general concept adopted in everyday life. But if you want to quickly explain to the seller in the store what you would like to buy, it is better to be clear in the definitions. Knowing the types of sportswear and their names will also help with independent purchases in online stores. By typing the correct name into the search bar, you will quickly find what you need in online catalogs.

The similarity of these items ends with the fact that both of them are used to create warm and cozy everyday looks. Such a choice is usually made by girls with an active lifestyle, who prefer freedom of movement. Hoodies and sweatshirts have features, having understood which you will always be able to distinguish them from each other.

Features specific to a hoodie

The main difference between a sports sweater, called a hoodie, is a hood. The very name of such clothes comes from the English word “hood”, which, in fact, means “hood”. In the people, such sweatshirts are often called kangaroos – this is another unconditional difference. A large and roomy kangaroo pocket is located on the stomach, and it is very convenient to hide various little things and hands frozen in bad weather in it. There are also models with a zipper – with this cut, the pocket is divided in two.

Clothing with such an original cut came to us from the 70s of the last century and was not very popular until famous figures of urban culture and ordinary skaters began to wear it everywhere.

Suits with hoodies are great for home use, good for a run or a friendly outing into the country. It is convenient to put on such a set early in the morning for a walk with your beloved dog. It is easy to use to create a free casual look – one of the favorite styles of today’s youth. The upper part of such a suit can be combined with regular jeans and some models of skirts, put on under a jacket or an autumn coat.

Features of the sweatshirt

So it is customary to call a light and practical everyday sweatshirt, effectively emphasizing the figure, but at the same time not restricting movements. Initially, sweatshirts appeared in America as sportswear. They were made from light, hygroscopic materials that easily absorb sweat. The same function was performed by a specially sewn-in triangle on the collar, but recently it has begun to perform a purely decorative function.

Today, women’s sweatshirts are so diverse that the eyes run wide. Designers offer a variety of design options, fabrics and colors. Buying comfortable and practical women’s clothing wholesale from the manufacturer is easy – take a look at the Glem catalog and select the model according to your preferences.

General details and differences

Comparing such dissimilar at first glance details of clothing, you can notice some common features:

  • Long sleeves with cuffs. Initially, both wardrobe items were intended for training in the cold season, so their cut is adapted specifically for this.
  • Materials. Both hoodies and sweatshirts are more often sewn from soft and warm fabrics – trinits, fleece knitwear, fleece and other materials that allow the skin to “breathe”, do not crumple and do not constrain movements.
  • Style. Such clothes are popular with young people and are often used to create looks in the styles of sport-chic, casual, glamour, swag and others.

In addition to the characteristic features inherent in each of the varieties of sweatshirts, the hoodie and sweatshirt have other differences:

  • The presence of a round collar made of elastic band. It is mandatory for a sweatshirt, and for a hoodie it is always replaced by a hood.
  • Loose fit. A hoodie is a more “shapeless” option, while a sweatshirt is tight-fitting, although the fashion for oversized clothes has leveled this difference.
  • Clasp. The sweatshirt does not provide for the presence of most decorative elements – fasteners, zippers, rivets, locks, buttons, and so on – it is simply put on over the head.
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Having understood the general nuances and differences, you can safely go shopping, since you don’t need to go far. By carefully examining our online showcase, you will find everything you need. In the Glem online store, you can easily buy a women’s sweatshirt, hoodie, and even entire sets with their participation. Using the tips of the online chat manager, you can easily pick up things that can emphasize the individuality and excellent taste of the hostess.


It is important to know how a longsleeve differs from a sweatshirt if you place an order in an online store, otherwise you may not get what you expect at all. After all, the photo does not always show the difference in cut or density of the material. And the silhouettes have a certain similarity. Both of these things came to the women’s wardrobe from the men’s, so they have a simple and concise cut. Due to their sporty origin, both the longsleeve and the sweatshirt are very comfortable and practical to wear, but the difference between them is quite noticeable.

What is longsleeve

The mysterious name “longsleeve” is translated from English as “long sleeve”, and means just a long-sleeve T-shirt. For its tailoring, thin cotton fabric is most often used, sometimes with the addition of stretch or elastane. The traditional neckline is round, although there are models with a V-shape. Long sleeves are most often elongated.

Its most important detail is the sleeves. They are long or three-quarter. The characteristic cut is raglan, although options with sewn sleeves are possible. The highlight of the longsleeve is the double sleeve. In such a product, a long sleeve peeks out from under the short sleeve, usually in a contrasting color. These t-shirts are made plain or decorated with various patterns, emblems of sports companies, inscriptions and prints.

Characteristic features of the sweatshirt

Women’s sweatshirts are loose-fitting sweaters with a round neck, without fasteners and pockets. Most often they are made from dense natural cotton with a fleece – a fabric called footer, from warm knitwear or elastic diving. The collar, cuffs and waistband are ribbed for a comfortable fit. Although many modern models are limited only to its imitation, making the edges of the clothes corrugated.

Sweatshirts have raglan sleeves and dropped shoulders, although not all products have retained this sporty feature. These sweaters are often decorated with different patterns and logos. At the same time, there are also monophonic models, the only decor of which is a triangular insert under the collar (another element of the sports past).

Main differences

Due to some similarities, which primarily relate to raglan sleeves and sports style, these garments are often confused with each other. Moreover, some manufacturers mistakenly call any long-sleeved sweater a longsleeve. But, despite a certain similarity, long sleeve and sweatshirt have different properties:

SilhouetteFitted or tightLoose, elasticated at the bottom
LengthMore often elongatedMedium length or cropped
MaterialThin, soft and stretchy cotton fabricFooter or thick knitwear based on cotton, having a bottom layer insulated with pile or fleece, diving.

The most important difference is that a longsleeve and a sweatshirt are a T-shirt and a sweater, that is, in principle, different types of clothing.

Initially, longsleeve belonged to underwear, in this capacity, athletes use it now. Whereas the sweatshirt has always played the role of a jacket.

Longsleeve can be worn under a jacket or a long cardigan, and a warm sweatshirt worn over a shirt or dress replaces a jumper in itself.

Therefore, long sleeve and sweatshirt have a number of significant differences that determine the difference in their use. But definitely both of them are comfortable to wear and versatile.