What is Facebook Loop Giveaway and How Do You Gain a Huge Number of Followers Through it?

Are you searching for new ways to increase the reach for your Facebook page? Thinking about how collaborating with other pages can help your business? As you would partner with other businesses on a Facebook Giveaway, it can help you in building a stronger fan base while engaging with your primary audience. Let us know the importance of Facebook Loop Giveaways and how you can expand your follower base with the help of the same.

What is a Facebook Loop Giveaway?

A Facebook Loop Giveaway serves to be an interactive way of gaining likes or followers while increasing brand awareness on the leading social media platform. For creating the given loop, most businesses are known to agree with hosting the giveaway on the respective Facebook pages.

Every business directs a group of audiences to some different page that is participating. Eventually, the target audience would loop back to the original page on which they started. For creating excitement and interest, every page goes on to select a winner for some prize.

How to Gain Likes or Followers Using Facebook Loop Giveaways?

If you wish to leverage the benefit of Facebook loop giveaways for your business, then here are some easy tips for you to excel at it:

Creating a Plan for the Loop Giveaway: If you wish to devise a dedicated plan for your Facebook Loop Giveaway, here are some ways:

  • Choose the businesses that you wish to participate –to align with your business, industry, or mission
  • Choose the specific type of prize that every page should aim at giving away
  • Select when you will be running the loop giveaway. You should set a proper date, time, and start & end date as well. It is recommended that three days is a reliable time frame as it enables the build-up of proper momentum after which people might lose interest in the giveaway.

Reaching Out to Other Page for Participation: You can go forward with creating an information sheet for giving out to businesses when you would be reaching out to them. Ensure that the businesses that you reach out tend to align with your brand. You should request around 6-7 pages to ensure participation as it will encourage the target audience to dedicate work for the respective prizes.

Providing Instructions for the Participating Pages: Ensure that you are providing every page participating in the loop with proper directions about the given giveaway for ensuring that the same goes off in a hassle-free manner. You should aim at including specific information like the list of all participating pages, picking and announcing the winner, ideas for promoting the giveaway, text & graphic for the post, information on the selection of prize, loop’s order, and so more.

To Conclude

When you run a Facebook loop giveaway, it turns out to be a great way to make your business stand out, engage new audiences, and establish relationships with other leading businesses on the social media platform.

If you would like to find more assured value and better results through Facebook loop giveaways you should seek expert help with a digital marketing agency that has proven expertise around Facebook marketing services.