What is Necessary for You to Know About the R26F Speakers? 

Klipsch has earned its name and reputation in the audio world for manufacturing one of the best speakers available in the market. This time also, it did not disappoint its customers with the Klipsch R26F. If your priority is noticeable highs, then what you should choose is this set of speakers. Because these speakers are what you are looking for.

This article will serve as an ultimate guide as far as the Klipsch is concerned. In this article, you will get to know in detail about these speakers. After reading this, you will be able to know much about this product.

So, let’s find out what you will get with these speakers. And an unorthodox start would be if we start with the price. Let’s do this.


In the first round, the Klipsch R26F beats all its competitors. Coming at the cheap price of $349.99 is very reasonable and affordable especially when you get smaller shelf speakers at the price of $300.

Except that, it is very nice to buy bigger speakers that take up a large space even at the same price. Moreover, this set of speakers is without any doubt the best product for small to medium rooms. You will surely not find such sound quality as it produces at this price.

What Comes in the Box?

  • Important safety instructions
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Floor-standing loudspeakers
  • Grille (installed)
  • 4 Screws
  • Loudspeaker Feet Note
  • 2 Feet
  • Warranty information

Let’s now discuss the most important part of the article, its features.


Despite having a good-looking product, the customers may not find it the most attractive. Instead what is a more important consideration for the customers is its features that ensure the best sound quality. And as far as the sound quality is concerned, the features of a product are the most important determinant. Here is the list of its features:

1: Size

When it comes to the size of these speakers, they measure 39*7.8*13.5 (height*width*length) and weigh 41.9 pounds. The stylish texture of these speakers along with lightweight and minimalistic design ensure them as the best choice for small to medium-sized rooms.

2: Aluminum Horn Tweeters

An ultralight aluminum is used in the making of a versatile 1-inch Tractrix horn tweeter which comes with this set of speakers. Thanks to this build and tweeters, it has a linear travel suspension technology for a natural and realistic performance. That is the reason, you experience an excellent sound quality. In addition to this, a broad frequency range of the tweeters is behind the versatility of the latter. On top of that, they can also accommodate midrange frequencies.

3: IMG Woofers

The 6.5-inch Injection Molded Graphite woofers that come with these speakers further better the sound experience you get. Additionally, the adequate and balanced bass response for the whole room is due to the copper spun Injected Molded Graphite woofers that go a long way in creating a very high-output range.

4: Gold Plated Wiring

Coming to the wiring of the Klipsch R26F speakers, it is gold plated and five-way bi-wired, bi-amped. That is the reason, the wire is very durable and of high conductivity. Due to this, the speakers receive maximum power and result in the best performance and sound quality.

Now, let’s briefly discuss some other features of this model.

  • Passive amplification
  • MDF Enclosure material
  • Magnetic shield
  • 116DB acoustic output
  • 100 W nominal power output
  • Bass reflex enclosure type
  • All digital amplifier
  • Switchable 0 to 180 degrees phase
  • 29 Hz to 120 Hz frequency response
  • Line level jacks/LFE RCA inputs
  • 33 lbs weight
  • Brushed black polymer veneer finish


Unlike the Klipsch AW-650, this model covers all the bases regardless of their performance. The design of this model gives it a classy and captivating look except for providing a very good sound quality.

Besides, these speakers accompany a two-way cabinet that has three speakers, two woofers, and a single tweeter. What else is that further beauty and appealing look of these speakers is due to the black veneer construction. It can blend with home décor of any color thanks to its brushed black texture. Not only this, a Klipsch logo that lies at the bottom center of these speakers and copper-colored woofers gives beauty to this model.


  • The only purpose of manufacturing these speakers is to give a better sound quality.
  • It is very easy to clean them thanks to the detachable grills of these speakers, unlike the floor-standing speakers
  • The high-quality sound that they create is suitable for the ears of any audiophile
  • You will also find the option of customizing their sound as you like it which makes them excel other competitors in the market.
  • Thanks to their size, they can be fit in any room.
  • The effortless connectivity that you get is due to the binding post terminals along with bi-wired and bi-amped wiring.
  • Due to their black veneer finish, these speakers are stylish and attractive unlike other flood-standing speakers
  • They are also user-friendly in placement and utilization because of the detachable grills


  • These speakers cannot handle midrange frequencies because it lacks a dedicated driver since it is a two-way speaker
  • The audio output is not very detailing and precise as compared to other floor-standing speakers owing to the high sensitivity rating of 97 Db
  • Since they are suitable only for small-to-medium rooms, the sound they produce will not be enough for bigger places like a small auditorium.

Final Thought 

If what you are looking for is the clearest of highs and excellent sound quality for small to medium rooms, then no model is better than the Klipsch R26F. There is not a single floor-standing speaker in the market which can match its versatility. The brand Klipsch is behind this masterpiece as former is known for producing something special all the time. However, the only shortcoming of this speaker is that it is for small to medium rooms only. Despite all this, you will find a very good sound quality at an affordable price.