What Is Parse Error In Google Sheets? How To Fix It?

If you’re used to Excel, then the parse error in Google Sheets will be unfamiliar territory to you. Not to worry, because when you used google chrome theme creator for the first time, that also confused you, right? So, it’s worth noting that a parsing mistake might take many different forms in Google Sheets. You just have to know the reasons for those parse errors before you look for a solution.

While each parse error has its unique reasons, they may all be narrowed down to misread characters, missing characters, excess characters, excess references, and missing cell references. The simplest method to cope with this is to break down your formula into portions and verify correctness. So, keep scrolling down, and we will get to the quick fixes to help you resolve the parse error in Google sheets.

What Is Parse Error In Google Sheets?

A parsing function can break down and categorize the analysis, classification, and interpretation of syntax. The parsing process begins with a text analysis dissection, in which the text is broken down into a series of tokens that indicate its grammatical structure. The parser will then construct a design from the data it has received. 

So, parsing breaks down a more prominent structure into smaller components for more straightforward data manipulation. It’s not unusual to get an error while doing a parse. When you get a parse error like this, you’ll get a generated parse error if Google Sheets want you to know that there’s something’s wrong with your formula.

What Are The Reasons Behind Parse Error In Google Sheets?

There are several reasons behind the generated parse error in Google sheets. You may be using the wrong Google Chrome extensions, which is causing the error. So, let’s look at a few prominent reasons that can cause this error in Google Sheets;

  1. You’re attempting to parse data from an unreadable file. Some people tried to insert too many images in Google sheets from Google Photos, and that gave birth to the parse error.
  1. The data you’re trying to parse may contain an error. For example, this might happen when you try to download a file that contains the parsing data. If this is the case and the parsing issue was created by downloading the file, you can try downloading it again or look for one updated. You can even try downloading the file from a different website.
  1. The parsing data in the file might not be compatible with the operating system you’re using. So, before you download the file, you must double-check it. 
  1. It is possible that you may not have been given the permission that allows you to view the file’s data. If the permissions are insufficient, that may cause the parse error. So, you should request the appropriate consent and then try to parse the data again.
  1. A parse error may occur if you do not have enough disc space for the parse. Therefore, when saving a file to a hard disc or USB, ensure there is enough room on the disk for the parsed data results. You may check how to empty trash in google drive. If the parsing is being performed from removable media, you may relocate the file or read the data on your hard drive.

How To Fix The Parse Error In Google Sheets?

You may take the help of Google Chrome Helper to fix the parse error in Google sheets. However, that may not be the only thing you can do in this context. We have a wide range of quick fixes that will help you overcome this problem soon enough. So, let’s take a look;

# Fix 1: Check The Formula Accurately

When resolving parsing issues in Google Sheets, the first step is to double-check the formula’s accuracy. There’s a good chance you’ve made a mistake in your formula. 

You just have to be careful enough to put down the formula in Google sheets to avoid the parse error. For example, if you forget to put commas and semi-colons in the formula, that will be indicated in red.

#Fix 2: Check The Brackets

Adding additional brackets or quote marks is another typical cause of a parsing error message. At the top of your spreadsheet, you’ll find the function field. Click on that.

Green should be used to indicate correct characters. Characters that are incorrectly placed should be highlighted in red. This is one of the simplest methods for resolving a parse error.

When finishing a calculation, individuals often swiftly hit the Enter key to add one extra character. But you must enter the backslash key (/) to add additional characters; else it will result in a parse error.

#Fix 3: Change Your Keyboard Settings

Commas are another strange problem that causes a parse error. This is frequently due to your language settings on your computer keyboard and Google Sheets.

So, you can change your keyboard settings and attempt the alternate output to remedy this. The input keys are always the same, but the output variation depends on the keyboard layout and the language settings.

#Fix 4: Use A Syntax Guide

When dividing a string of values, commas and reverse slashes behave similarly. However, the Google Sheets syntax differs depending on where you are. A distinct syntax distinguishes some countries from others.

So, you can check a syntax guide specific to your nation or present area to be sure you’re not using improper symbols. In addition, it will help you be sure that you have inserted the correct formula.

#Fix 5: Apply The Apostrophe Method

Another valuable thing to remember is to begin your formula with an apostrophe. You may use this symbol to convert the formula into a text string. But, you can’t start the formula with an apostrophe in Google Sheets.

So, using the apostrophe method will allow you to troubleshoot the parse error quickly. You can even use it to examine other portions of the formula. Of course, you may put it to the test in different situations too.


The Bottom Line

This article has talked about the possible reasons behind a parse error and the different kinds of solutions you can apply to fix this problem. We have also defined what a parse error is. So, you can try out all these solutions to resolve this problem before bringing in an expert. We are optimistic that at least one of these solutions will be useful to you. So, just let us know in the comment box how you fixed the parse error.