SEO articles are all over the internet whether you’re aware of what they are or not. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it exists as an amazing tool for online business everywhere. Search engine optimization works to filter through webpages, and the content it contains to showcase the best and most relevant findings according to the words keyed into the search engine in question. Search engines are independent websites dedicated to helping their users find helpful and relevant information pertaining to a searched phrase, or question. The most popular search engines include Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search Engines can be used to grow a larger audience on a website or blog from searching keywords, content from the creator, or the creator themselves. Many businesses, and top websites work hard to ensure that when certain key phrases are used in a search they are among the first to pop up. Thus, creating a bigger influx in customers and traction to the page itself. According to Technasite, a good SERP tool is important to monitor your keyword rankings.

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     Each search engine operates and gains profit from the ads, and paid promotions some content creators use to put their work on the map. However, paying for ads and promotions won’t do much for your business if it isn’t constantly gaining and keeping traction on the site itself. SEOs create a way to gain traction on your work without submitting a payment. The way it works is through the various algorithms every search engine has.

    Search engines discern applicable articles and pages from  non applicable content through the various algorithms used. According to the online academy of ‘ahrefs’, Google has at least 200 known algorithms for SEOs. From here, the content creator’s show off products, or expertise in the above topic and are able to gain a significant amount of traction into their business or webpage. This is where SEOs really end up making the difference. SEOs signal the algorithm to consider a creator’s content more so than it would under other pretenses due to the varying algorithms and preventative measures taken by each search engine. It’s safe to say that SEOs are the epitome of online success for writers and creators alike.

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      SEOs help build successful and consistent traffic through web pages and content creation. For search engines  like Google, you can manually submit your pages and content to be reviewed to be among the top results of searches done involving your business.

    An example of an SEO approving a business would be creating a home customization business and submitting your page of custom stained window designs under the key terms and phrases; home improvement, window designs, stained glass, and/or the name of your business. If the page of your listing of the stained windows is deemed appropriate, and relevant, and your identity can be verified through the employees working for that particular search engine. That being said, SEOs can really elevate a business, and/or the founder’s work reputation. SEOs in general are an exceptional way to elevate your business, and secure a promising reputation as a business owner on the internet.