What is the difference between playing at a locally licensed online casino and an offshore casino?

Unlike other countries in Latin America, Argentina does not have national legislation that regulates the activity of online casinos. It is up to the local government of each of the 24 provinces, including the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, to establish the regulations and define the control of online gaming in each district.

In this sense, two of the largest districts in the country, the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires, have already defined the regulation of gambling and online betting within their jurisdictions and are in the process of granting licenses to different operators. who submitted their proposals. get more info about online live betting in Nigeria

The rest of the provinces are heading in the same direction, and several of them already have their own online gaming offer. Among those that have already authorized online betting are: Chaco, Misiones, San Luis, Tucumán, Formosa, Neuquén, Río Negro, Entre Ríos, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Santa Cruz and La Pampa.

In each of these jurisdictions, it is established that the inhabitants of those districts can only play on sites that have a regulatory license from the province in which they reside.


What are the advantages of playing at a locally licensed online casino?

Due to the lack of regulatory clarity that still exists in some districts of the country, local users will be able to verify that many casinos considered offshore – that is, they have regulatory licenses from other countries – allow Argentine players to place bets and participate in their games… It should be noted that in those provinces where gambling is already regulated, this action is discouraged by players. In the rest of the territory, the regulatory vacuum leaves room for different interpretations.

In any case, in order for a player to enjoy online casino activity, it is always more convenient to know that they are betting at an authorized site in their district of residence. This does not mean that offshore casinos licensed, for example, by the UK or Malta Regulatory Authority are disreputable operations. On the contrary, these regulatory entities have many years of experience controlling the activity of casino companies and demand extremely high quality standards from the companies that apply for their license.

However, there are advantages to playing at a local licensed casino, among which we can list the following:

  • Deposits and withdrawals are made in Argentine pesos. This is surely the main feature that benefits Argentinian players, as some of the locally authorized platforms accept bank transfers or local card payments. However, it should be noted that -due to the way the regulations are implemented- in some provinces it is necessary to physically approach a local lottery agency to register there, or even to make a deposit or withdrawal. On the other hand, although many of the offshore casinos promote offers and promotions in Argentine pesos on their web pages, the taxes corresponding to charges in foreign currency are applied to card payments. In the same way, When the player wishes to collect a prize from a casino located outside the country, he will verify that his money will be converted into pesos according to the official currency exchange rate. Also, those who win luck will know that if they are playing in a locally established company, they will have no problem declaring that income before the tax authorities.
  • Due to the fact that they are audited by a local entity, any complaint or dispute that could arise between the player and the casino, would be defined before an authority of jurisdiction in that district. On the contrary, a casino licensed in Malta, for example, if the player wanted to initiate a lawsuit, they should do so in the justice of that country.
  • Customer service with local service. Although many offshore casinos offer support services with agents who speak Spanish, not all of them guarantee it. On the other hand, casinos with a local license in Argentina have representatives in the country, whom the player can contact and make inquiries through different means, depending on the site: live chat, email, whatsapp, etc.
  • Local self-exclusion registry. As a general rule, the legislation that has been published in the different Argentine provinces contemplates that authorized online casinos implement the necessary means to avoid pathological gambling.


What should be taken into account when playing in an online casino in Argentina

Although the temptation to play in casinos with a foreign license is great due to their wide variety and the excellent quality of some of their proposals, the player must bear in mind that if he resides in a province where online gambling has already been regulated, he would be going against current legislation. In each case, it is convenient to find out about the existing regulations in each district through the website of the Lottery of the province of residence, since it is that entity that regulates and grants the licenses in each jurisdiction. In addition, on authorized websites, users will be able to see at the bottom a seal with the provincial lottery logo that authorizes this operation.


Thanks to the fact that in Argentina the districts are finally implementing a precise regulation on online gambling, those who want to enjoy this entertainment from their homes are beginning to do so. To the extent that the regulatory landscape is clearing up and the different casinos are enabling their online operations, an exciting range of options opens up for players so that they can enjoy slots, live table games, sports betting and all the entertainment offered by online gambling.

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