What Life is Truly About and How Finance Helped Me a Lot?

Sometimes, life is about things that are naturally not consistent, and the changes are constant, involve in the required feedback of the relative purpose. The variable quality of the personal captivity of those is vulnerable according to what happens during the circumstances.

My life is also filled with the constant turbulence and cumulative adjustment deals in the vague created by the things. I am a journalist working with a reputed Print Media Company. I am not interested in the life proceedings and the requisite performance of other things that happen to me. 

Way back in 2018, my company sent me to a remote village where I had to cover a conflict generate between the local people and the government. The local people were rebellions and were against the policies taken by the government. The sequence of things went ahead and even made the situations worse.

I had to reach the village to know the views of the local people and to publish them in my journal. I had to develop the sensation to pick them as to present before the government and the people living in the cities. I secretly reached the village without informing my wife and children.

The undisputed welcome

The villagers welcomed me like any other random stranger who has just arrived in their village to have a view of the rural surrounding. With my appearance of having a camera and many security gadgets with a bulky bag grew them suspiciously, but their kind heart welcomed me warmly.

I had to stay in accommodation on rent, and many villagers, due to their warm hearts ready to allow me to enter their homes, but I refused to ensure my own safety from them. The people were very nice, but the mission I had to execute during my journey could not allow me to believe in them.

I had to take my set up in a lounge nearby the village offered by the head of the village. I entered their space without revealing my true identity as it was a part of my mission. A few days later, the villagers found that I was very friendly towards them, and they also showed faith in me.

My intentions were not wrong, but I had to view the real side of the conflict. The villagers were not taking the new policies seriously as they influenced their pockets and survivals. They went to a level to kill the employees of government agencies an even attacked the cops.

The cops had already killed 18 villagers in the encounters, and the rebellion seeks the biggest turnover the vague as there is nothing left positive between the people and the government. Days went by, and I had covered all things from their opinion and remarks for the government actions.

I found that the things were very common and easy to tackle with the consolation on some attributes offered by the government and the villagers on some issues. I was all set to leave the village with lots of proofs and reasons for differentiation between them.

A Turning point in my life

At the same time, the village experienced a lot of miscalculated attack from cops to regress the rebel against the government. Therefore, I had a lot more to cover the struggles of rural people. There was an attack on me also, and I had to take a hide in a house. I entered a house to avoid the disruption.

Luckily, I got support from a beautiful but naïve girl living in that small house, and she was acting normal as the attacks were being usual in the village. When the atmosphere lighted with little losses, I decided to step out of her house to board the bus to the city.

When I stepped out, the villagers were standing around me and pretended that the attack was in my plan, and I deliberately entered the house of that girl. They found something mysterious about my existence in the house. An old lady in the crowd spoke aloud to marry that girl to teach me a lesson.

I was shocked to hear the villagers made a general opinion. The girl was too neglecting the situation and tried to convince the villagers of the two of us innocent. Some bullies of the villagers were ready to make me interested in the gunpoint, but I was calm and tried to convince them.

The things were out of control, and many problems seemed to have yet to come across me. The girl was very clever minded and asked me to have an escape from the control of the villagers. She arranged all the things to have an escape from there, and I did the same.

Luckily I got an escape with all my set up and could reach the main road to catch the bus to my city, but there was no money left with me. The full support I could arrange was from the direct lenders only. I was being helped with unsecured loans for bad credit.

At the last

I finally reached the city to get my written documents published in the journal to present the reality of the disputes and finally to seek the solution from the end of government.