Clothes, shoes, makeup, hairstyle, accessories, aroma together create a certain image that visually endows a woman with certain qualities. The image as a whole creates an impression of a woman, which can be either vanilla and sweet, or brutal and tough. But what should be the details of the image to make it truly feminine?


The main condition for women’s clothing to make it look feminine is to avoid details that are maria b bridal sarees, as well as massive accessories, dark colors, rough and heavy fabrics.
There are three styles of clothing that make a woman as feminine as possible – romantic, vintage and oriental.

The romantic style is, first of all, cute ruffles, flirty frills and alluring flounces. The most “romantic”, flowing, light fabrics are inherent in this style. Chiffon, organza, silk, fine knitwear, wool, guipure, lace, linen, cambric, satin rule the ball here. Silhouettes predominate, emphasizing the femininity of the figure. The colors of this style are mainly distinguished by softness and tenderness – white, cream, pale green, pastel shades, but they can be more persistent, such as deep blue, blue, pink. Plant and floral prints on fabrics make romantic style clothes truly feminine, although for some such prints will seem vanilla, but when the task is to make the image feminine, vanilla is only on hand.

Vintage style

Vintage style includes a variety of clothing styles of yesteryear, which have become firmly established in history. Fashion trends of the past are clearly recognizable in the clothes of this style. Silhouettes, fabrics, colors, prints that point to a particular era. It is believed that, in reality, a vintage item is a restored item, not less than twenty years old and not older than fifty. But this does not mean at all that a thing in a vintage style cannot be new, it can not only be new, but also combine fashion trends of the past and present. But in order for a thing to give the impression of a-la vintage, fashionable details of past years must clearly dominate and stand out in it. Many fashion trends of the past were truly feminine, and today they are becoming even more feminine, after the history of fashion was diluted with styles.

Oriental style, it is also the oriental style of clothing – smooth lines, wide cut, bright colors, luxury. Gorgeous weightless and flowing fabrics such as silk, satin, cotton, chiffon. Oriental-style prints and hand embroidery are frequent attributes of this style. He is also distinguished by the fact that this is a rather modest style, where open neckline, shoulders or legs are unacceptable. This also includes clothing with stand-up collars.


In order for the shoes to look feminine, it is desirable that they, of course, be heeled. Pumps, sandals, sandals, ankle boots, ballet flats with luxurious decorations are possible in oriental style. Feminine shoes on a female leg look weightless, neat, and the accessories on it cannot be massive. Colors can be varied – pastel, light, bright tones, but the main thing is to maintain harmony in the image as a whole.


Feminine makeup emphasizes the advantages of facial features and hides imperfections. Such makeup should not be bright or impudent, because it is important to emphasize the tenderness of female skin, beauty of eyes, softness of lips, and not to challenge or provoke. Lightness, naturalness and freshness set the direction, while soft and non-defiant tones create the desired image. Ease and coquetry, tenderness and sophistication – this is what will make your makeup truly feminine. What do you need to consider to make your makeup look truly feminine?

– Use shades of pastel, not bright shades
– Eyelashes should not look artificial, they should not have too thick a layer of mascara
– Arrows, if any, they should look clear, elegant
– The blush should be very light, natural
– Lips should not be bright , slightly highlighted with gloss or not bright lipstick of a natural shade
– There should not be a noticeably thick layer of foundation or powder on the skin


A feminine hairstyle can be of any length and shape, the most important thing is that the hair should be clean, it should look healthy and it should not be tousled. To do this, it is enough to wash your hair on time, do styling, take care of it from time to time, applying nourishing masks that you can buy or make yourself at home.


The very first accessory for women is a bag. A feminine bag should not look massive, and it should not have massive accessories, it should be elegant and all its details should look neat. Clutches, pouches, pockets, carpet bags, reticules are considered feminine options for bags.
After the bag in the women’s arsenal, to create a feminine image, there can be a wide variety of accessories – this is a wallet, and jewelry, and hairpins, and straps. Their variety is so immense that it is possible to single out only the main characteristics of accessories that emphasize the femininity of a woman:
– there should not be massive and rough forms
– accuracy of details
– warm and light colors
– minimalism is preferable


There is no one universal feminine fragrance. There are a great many perfumes and every woman should choose her own fragrance. The one that perfectly combines with her character and image, with her personality. The most feminine perfume is perfume that suits its owner, emphasizes her personality. But there are several details – perfumes should be applied to a clean body and not in large quantities. Then only they can emphasize the femininity of the person who applied them, and not vice versa.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the article discusses the creation of a visually feminine image. But the woman does not end on her “cover”. The inner state of a woman, which is under the “cover”, the content of a woman should also be feminine. And then the harmony of external and internal is achieved. Before such a woman, a truly feminine woman, no man can resist.