What should I get mommy on mother’s day?

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Even in ancient Greece and Rome, they set aside a particular day to celebrate mothers. Although they celebrated the mother of their gods, many mothers were also given gifts on this day. Today we celebrate mothers and their contributions to society on the second Sunday in may. We want to give our mothers something special on this day, but with all of the other holidays, many of us wonder ‘exactly what I should get mom for mother’s day that will surprise her?’. We did little projects in grade school as young children where we would make something for our mommies to honour them on mother’s day. Unfortunately, as we get older, we can begin to appreciate the value of a dollar but don’t have any way of earning one. We are also not making those unique coveted handmade gifts at school anymore. So what can we do that mom will appreciate? The thing about mothers is they appreciate anything we make them or give them, and they love us.

1. A picture can be proudly displayed and will be treasured for years. You can have one professionally done or have a friend or other family member take a picture of you and your siblings. Add a special touch having it enlarged and framed, ready for hanging for a unique gift.

2. The ultimate lasting gift, find an excuse to get mum out of the way, and this will provide a wonderful surprise on mother’s day morning. Check your idea with other family members (and enlist their help where possible) to make sure everyone agrees that she will be delighted with your proposal. With some thought, hard work, and money, a room makeover may be the best gift you’ve ever given.

3. As we get older, it seems that the cold affects us a little more. Your mother may appreciate a small space heater to place at her feet or to warm the bathroom before a bath or shower.

4. Staying on the topic of keeping mom comfortable, how about an electric blanket or mattress pad?

5. A gift certificate to her favourite grocery store or hair salon is guaranteed to be used and appreciated.

6. Giving her precisely what she wants is another great gift option. For example, if your mom tells you she wants slippers, then get her slippers. You may think she is just trying to save you money, but she probably needs new slippers. Giving someone something they wouldn’t or can’t afford to buy for themselves is always a welcome gift.

Slippers come in a variety of styles. Suppose your mom isn’t specific about the type she wants to choose a nice pair. Slippers with a non-skid sole provide sound footing and warmth.

7. You may think perfume is not good enough, but it is a good idea if your mom wears it or asks for it.

8. You can still make handmade gifts that your mother will appreciate. Making jewellery is pretty easy, and it is easy to personalise with colours or charms that will make it even more treasured.

9. Mothers day plants can often be a much-appreciated gift, especially if your mother enjoys gardening. For mums that love their garden, planting a tree is an original gift that lasts a lifetime. Choosing a tree that flowers or changes colour around mother’s day each year will provide a natural yearly reminder of your incredible gift? Why not personalise your tree gift by adding an engraved garden plaque with a special mothers day message? If you wait until mother’s day, planting the tree and garden plaque could become a special occasion in itself?

Thoughtful gifts do not have to cost money. A promise or poem will not cost you a penny. All you will ever pay is time and commitment. Oh, and a little bit of imagination too. The idea’s simple: rather than buying an expensive gift, write a short poem or promise to do something special for your mum instead. Make her a certificate, so she has a permanent reminder, and because it’s such a personal gift, your poem or promise could be the most meaningful mothers day gift you will ever give.

Stop asking ‘what should I get mom for mothers day’ and get her something that won’t be considered a dust collector. Use any of the tips above to give her nice mothers day gifts that she will use and appreciate.

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